Founder opportunities at TechGround 2023

The Builder Stage

  • What Do You Need to Raise a Series A Today?
  • How to Build Intelligent Startup Ops that Will Scale with Your Business

Seven new industry stages

  • A Deep Dive on DeepMind, Google’s Premiere AI Lab
  • Bias, Toxicity and Hallucination: Can AI Be Ethical?
  • Plaid’s Zach Perret Opens up on Open Banking
  • The Future of Payments
  • Mixed Reality Finds Its Focus
  • What’s Next in Robotics?
  • What’s Next for GitHub?
  • AI for SaaS
  • Signal and the Future of Encrypted Messaging
  • The Spyware Industry Is Out of Control. Now What?
  • Doing Something Concrete on Climate
  • The Upside (and Downside) of Cultured Meat

Breakout sessions and roundtable discussions

  • How to Build a Team for a Growing Startup
  • The Art of Choosing the Right Investor: A Guide for Startup Founders
  • AI for Social Good: How Technologists and Nonprofits Can Partner to Deliver Lasting Impact
  • Building Early-Stage Products as a Nontechnical Founder: What to and Not to Do

Networking at TechGround Disrupt 2023

  • Get your network mojo moving on Disrupt eve, September 18, at the Women in Tech (Crunch) reception.
  • Head to the Deal Flow Café, our brand-new investor-to-founder networking area.
  • Enhance your trip to San Francisco at After-Hours Events happening during Disrupt week throughout the city.
  • Meet like-minded travelers in the many engaging workshops, discussions, meetups and Q&A sessions in the expo.
  • Recharge and reconnect at the TechGround+ Lounge, where TG++ subscribers can network and chat with our writers and other special guests.
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