Never express your ‘use of funds’ slide as percentages

4 ways to show customers they can trust your generative AI enterprise tool

4 antique keys on a white background

Pitch Deck Teardown: BusRight’s $7M Series A deck

Ask Sophie: What are the visa options for a startup founder with family?

lone figure at entrance to maze hedge that has an American flag at the center

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Looking for your next book? These 9 authors have reading recommendations for you

illustration of group of books, one is closed
  • Adam DuVander
  • Phil Rosen
  • Adi Polak
  • Andrew Lee Miller
  • David Kadavy
  • Sarah E. Brown
  • Zeke Faux
  • David Spinks
  • Purna Virji

Making AI trustworthy: Can we overcome black-box hallucinations?

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