Launch into the future of space at TechGround Disrupt 2023

The Most Exciting Time in Space: How We Got Here and What Comes Next

The Future of Sending Human Beings Into Space

Commercial Space Power and the Next Space Age

Quantum and a New Age of Espionage

Why Is Venture Capital So Uneasy with the World’s Largest Customer?

The Space Domain Awareness Challenge Pitch-off

Breakout: The Hardest Problems in Space Presented by The Aerospace Corporation

Breakout: So, You Want to Work in Space? Presented by The Aerospace Corporation

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Max Chen

Max Chen is an AI expert and journalist with a focus on the ethical and societal implications of emerging technologies. He has a background in computer science and is known for his clear and concise writing on complex technical topics. He has also written extensively on the potential risks and benefits of AI, and is a frequent speaker on the subject at industry conferences and events.

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