• Musk says Starship is “ready to launch,” FAA says not yet
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  • Astranis, a venture-backed startup that builds and operates small broadband satellites in a far-off orbit, released more details about its plans to provide internet access to up to 5 million people in Mexico.
  • Elon Musk has confirmed that he in essence scuttled a Ukrainian military strike on Russia by refusing to allow SpaceX’s Starlink to be used in the process.
  • Firefly Aerospace inked a new launch agreement with defense prime L3Harris Technologies for three launches on the Alpha rocket in 2026.
  • Redwire Space has successfully “bioprinted” a human knee meniscus aboard the International Space Station, a landmark development that could help people recovering from meniscus injuries here on Earth.
  • Relativity Space is amping up its investment at NASA’s Stennis Space Center, with the company announcing that it would lease a historic first-stage test stand to advance the development of the Terran R launch vehicle.
  • Wyvern has booked space on a Loft Orbital satellite bus that will launch next year, a move that the hyperspectral startup says will boost the capacity of its Dragonette satellite constellation.
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