• When to Follow the Hype and When to Ignore It?
  • How Founders Should Approach the TAM Question When Venture Capital Is Scarce
  • How to Stretch Your Venture Dollars

Your B2B leads are going to waste

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8 Latin American VCs share why they’re brimming with optimism about the region’s startups

  • Denis Pedreira, Latin America Investments, Prosus Ventures
  • Lolita Taub, general partner, Ganas Ventures
  • Geraldo Melzer, founding partner, ABSeed Ventures
  • Julio Vasconcellos, managing partner, Atlantico
  • Rodrigo Vieira, partner, Caravela Capital
  • Nathan Lustig, managing partner, Magma Partners
  • Marta Cruz, co-founder and managing partner, NXTP Ventures
  • Hernán Haro, founder and general partner, MrPink VC

Ask Sophie: Can I get an O-1A visa to bypass the H-1B process?

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Can the quick grocery delivery model only work in emerging markets?

grocery delivery, instant grocery delivery, startups

What’s missing from Guy Kawasaki’s 10-slide deck

A colorful illustration showing Guy Kawasaki at a lectern in front of a screen with a huge bar chart on it.
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