And it’s also important to bear in mind that there are 500 million, uh, 550 million monthly users — now going to maybe 600 million monthly users — And you know any given day there’s on the order of 100 to 200 million posts to the system…This a lot of material. In amongst the 100 to 200 million — and I’m excluding retweets, or reposts…

  • People are spending 14% more time on X, with a 20% increase in consuming video
  • Gen-Z is the largest and fastest-growing segment — almost 200 million every month
  • There’s a ton of activity on X — with 100 billion impressions every day
  • Every single day 1.5 million people sign up (that’s up 4% from last year)
  • Creators are a big priority for X. They’ve seen 10x increase in creators since June. Plus X has paid almost $20 million dollars to creators via its ad rev program
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