“Unleash the Power of Trending on Bluesky’s Rival, X, with Graysky’s ‘Pro’ Subscription”

Meanwhile, the app’s broader update for all users brings several new features, including Trending Topics, to see what’s popular on Bluesky right now. On Bluesky, users can choose from multiple, custom feeds — a sort of algorithmic choice that other microblogging platforms like Instagram Threads and X don’t have. Of these, the “Trending Topics” section — available from the app’s search tab — is the biggest highlight as it makes the world of Bluesky feel more like Twitter/X. (It also reflects the community that has sprung up there, as tags like #furry and #nsfw are among the trending topics at this time). Graysky Pro is an optional subscription that supports the app’s continued development and includes additional features.

The world of microblogging has been expanding with the rise of Bluesky, the rival platform to Twitter/X. And with this growth, third-party apps are emerging to offer unique features and experiences to users. One such app, Graysky, has just launched a subscription service with its latest release. The goal? To generate revenue by providing paid access to features that Bluesky itself doesn’t yet support.

In the initial release, Graysky users can customize their app with personalized themes and can translate posts using DeepL, an alternative to Google Translate. But that’s just the beginning. Pro-level features on the horizon include customizable app icons, support for polls, and post analytics to track user engagement metrics like likes and posts. These additional features are sure to elevate the Graysky experience for its subscribers.

But that’s not all that’s new with Graysky. The app’s recent update brings several new features to all users, free and paid alike. Among these additions is the “Trending Topics” section, which allows users to see what’s popular on Bluesky at any given moment.

“Many developers are experimenting with the Bluesky API to expand the platform’s capabilities, but Graysky stands out for being the first cross-platform third-party app to directly reach both iOS and Android users.”

Graysky launched just last October and has already made a name for itself with its unique approach to content consumption. Unlike other microblogging platforms, Graysky gives users the choice of which feed to browse first instead of being automatically directed to a default Home timeline. This algorithmic choice mirrors the personalized feed options of platforms like Instagram Threads and X.

Another standout feature of Graysky is its intuitive interface for finding users, posts, and feeds through a search function. Plus, users can now view everyone’s likes, not just their own – another aspect similar to Twitter/X. The app continues to evolve, recently adding support for popular features that Bluesky lacks, like GIFs, with plans to include drafts, bookmarks, muted words, polls, lists, and more in future updates.

Many of these features are now available with the Pro subscription, including support for polls. And for those who may be hesitant to subscribe, fear not. Graysky’s latest update also brings several new features to non-subscribers, such as a faster post composer screen with language selection, Quick Actions for composing, searching, and opening settings, improved user suggestions, and a “joined date” on user profiles.

  • A newly rebuilt post composer
  • “Trending Topics” section
  • Support for Quick Actions
  • Open links in Graysky directly from Safari on iOS
  • Improved user suggestions
  • Support for a “joined date” on user profiles
  • Ability to rotate Graysky on Android tablets
  • New pull-to-refresh animations
  • Other performance improvements

Out of all these new features, “Trending Topics” stands out as the most significant addition. This section, found in the app’s search tab, gives Bluesky a more Twitter/X-like feel and reflects the growing community on the platform with trending tags like #furry and #nsfw.

The Graysky Pro subscription is an optional add-on that supports the app’s growth and development. It’s available for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. So whether you’re a dedicated Graysky user or a newcomer looking for a unique microblogging experience, consider giving their subscription a try and support the app’s continued evolution.

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