“Unleashing Zuper’s Field Service Management Superpowers for Small Businesses and Enterprises”

Zuper, a field service management company, closed on $32 million in Series B funding to provide its customers with technologies and tools to cater to a wider range of workers. While other field service management companies target specific parts of the market, Zuper was designed to encompass the entire workflow. That has now evolved into working with small business and enterprise customers, Subbaraj said. Within that group there are more than 50,000 users of the Zuper platform. We announced ZIVA earlier this year, and it’s an alpha right now, but our goal is to bring GenAI to the field service management.”

Zuper, a leading field service management company, recently closed a successful round of Series B funding, securing $32 million from investors. The company’s goal is to provide clients with innovative technologies and tools that cater to a diverse range of workers. The round was led by FUSE, with participation from Prime Ventures and other existing partners.

“While other field service management companies tend to focus on specific segments of the market, Zuper’s approach is different,” said Zuper CEO Anand Subbaraj in an interview with TechCrunch. “Our platform is designed to support the entire workflow, offering automated processes and collaborative features to enhance the customer experience.”

In early 2022, Zuper raised $13 million in Series A funding, with a primary focus on residential repair services. Fast forward to the present, and the Seattle-based company has expanded its services to include small businesses and enterprise customers.

According to Subbaraj, service organizations face unique challenges when it comes to managing a diverse workforce. Differentiating between full-time employees and contract workers and maintaining consistent operations can pose a significant challenge. This is where Zuper’s platform comes in, providing flexibility and standardization of processes for all types of workers.

To achieve this, Zuper has grown both vertically and horizontally, integrating with a variety of systems used by service organizations, including apps, customer relationship management software, payment systems, and location intelligence tools. Clients also receive personalized support, reporting, and analytics. Zuper now serves a range of industries, including manufacturing, facility and property maintenance, and renewable energy.

In just two years, Zuper has increased its client base from 150 to 500, with over 50,000 users on its platform. The company has processed over 10 million work orders in the last four months, amounting to over $100 million in payments.

The recent funding round brings Zuper’s total venture-backed capital to $46.1 million. Subbaraj plans to use the funds to expand its presence in the mid-market and enterprise segments, scale globally, and invest in technology development. The company also aims to add 50 new employees in 2024.

One of Zuper’s exciting new developments is Zuper’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant, or ZIVA, a generative AI-powered chatbot. “Our goal is to bring GenAI to the field service management industry,” Subbaraj said. “We expect to see significant growth in the coming years.”

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