Discover the Latest in Smart Home Tech: Experience Samsung’s Interactive ‘AI Characters’ in Household Maps

Samsung wants to make the smart home smarter — if your home’s a Samsung home, that is. Elsewhere, Samsung launched a new “map view” for SmartThings similar to Amazon’s recently launched Map View. Samsung’s take shows an interactive map of your home complete with the location of any smart home devices (e.g. In a cute (or creepy, depending on your point of view) touch, the new SmartThings maps show “AI characters” that stand in for family members and pets inside the home. But once that’s done, they’ll display on supported Samsung TVs, the screen of the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge and Samsung’s M8 monitors.

Samsung is on a mission to elevate the intelligence of our homes, but only if they bear the brand’s name.

At their CES 2024 showcase in Las Vegas, the electronics giant unveiled an array of enhancements to their SmartThings home automation platform. One of the highlights is the Now Plus dashboard, set to appear on select Samsung TVs. As soon as you approach the set, the screen will automatically turn on to display relevant information about your smart home devices, such as the current indoor temperature. Joining the dashboard is a brand-new “quick panel” that provides convenient shortcuts for managing connected devices and finding lost smartphones and other gadgets.

In addition, Samsung has introduced their own version of Amazon’s Map View, aptly named “map view.” This feature presents a dynamic map of your home, complete with the precise location of all your smart devices (think washing machines, refrigerators, etc.). The layout can be created manually or automatically by using a photo of your floor plan or utilizing a lidar-enabled Samsung device, such as the upcoming Ballie robot or JetBot robot vacuum.

In a playful yet somewhat eerie twist, Samsung’s map view includes “AI characters” that act as stand-ins for your family members and pets. These animated avatars will react in real-time based on the current conditions in your home – even appearing to sweat if it gets too warm.

While maps must be created using the SmartThings app on a smartphone or tablet, they can then be displayed on supported Samsung TVs, the Family Hub smart fridge, and M8 monitors.

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