“Revolutionizing the Road: A Look at Honda’s Electric Vehicles and Hyundai’s Air Taxi Initiatives at CES 2024”

CES has increasingly become defined by what automakers and other mobility-focused companies bring to Las Vegas, and CES 2024 has been no exception. Hydrogen’s making a big comebackThe underlying technology for hydrogen-powered vehicles has been around for a while, though it’s been eclipsed by battery-powered electric vehicles. But at CES 2024, a number of companies from Nikola to Hyundai and Bosch were touting its benefits. We explore why this is the year several companies are highlighting hydrogen, with an additional deep dive into Hyundai’s plans. Kia’s modular EV lineup is revealedModular phones may have come and gone, but Kia hopes modular vehicles will have a bit more success.

Each year, CES is adorned by the latest innovations brought by automakers and mobility-focused companies. This trend holds true for CES 2024, as well. While some big players like Ford, GM, and Toyota were noticeably absent, the gaps were filled by companies showcasing electric vehicles, flying vehicles, and discussing “software-defined vehicles” and generative AI.

As the TechCrunch team continues to cover CES from the show floor in Las Vegas, led by Transportation Editor Kirsten Korosec, you can stay updated on all the mobility news right here.

Hydrogen Power Takes the Spotlight

The technology behind hydrogen-powered vehicles has been around for some time now, but it has been overshadowed by the popularity of battery-powered electric vehicles. However, at CES 2024, several companies like Nikola, Hyundai, and Bosch are highlighting its benefits. Learn more about why hydrogen is making a comeback in our in-depth look at Hyundai’s plans.

What Exactly Are Software-Defined Vehicles?

“Software-defined vehicles” was a phrase often heard at CES 2024. As one expert told TechCrunch, these type of vehicles refer to those whose capabilities can be upgraded over time through software rather than changing physical parts. However, there’s much more to it than that. Get the full rundown here.

Honda’s Futuristic Concepts Steal the Show

At CES 2024, Honda unveiled its sleek Saloon concept and a family-friendly van called the Space-Hub, showcasing a new direction for electric vehicles. Along with these concepts, Honda also announced its plans to launch the 0 series lineup in North America by 2026. Take an exclusive first look at these innovative concepts here.

Polestar Chooses Flexibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

While some automakers like Chevrolet are eliminating compatibility with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in their vehicles, Polestar is choosing to give drivers more flexibility. In an exclusive interview with TechCrunch, the company’s CEO Thomas Ingenlath explains why.

Pivotal Takes Flight with its Electric Personal Aircraft

Pivotal, backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, announced the launch of its $190,000 Helix vehicles at CES 2024. Pre-orders for the aircraft have already begun, and the company plans to start shipping in June. Get the full details on the Helix and why it doesn’t require a Federal Aviation Administration pilot certification here.

Hyundai’s Electric Aircraft Takes Off in 2028

Hyundai subsidiary, Supernal, showed off its new S-A2 electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft at CES 2024. This aircraft is expected to fuel a network of aerial taxis through a partnership with Uber Elevate, with a targeted launch in 2028. Find out more about the company’s plans and watch a hands-on walkthrough of the aircraft here.

(Include video of walkthrough here.)

Kia Takes Modular to the Next Level

Kia introduces the idea of modular vehicles, with both the electric powertrain and the vehicles’ tops being interchangeable and connected through electromagnets. The Kia PV5, a three-row van with a projected price tag of $35,000, is expected to launch in 2025. Read our first impressions of this modular lineup here.

Google Maps Enhances Trip Planning for EV Owners

Android Auto now includes real-time battery information, along with suggested charging stops and an estimation of remaining charge once you reach your destination. Learn more about this update and other trip planning enhancements here.

With so much happening at CES 2024, it’s impossible to cover everything. But stay tuned as our team continues to bring you the latest news and highlights from the show floor.

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