Land Moto revs up its electric motorcycle battery game with $3M investment

Cleveland-based electric motorcycle startup Land Moto is looking to diversify by powering up the battery design side of its tech, and has raised $3 million (on top of $7 million raised last summer) to do so in 2024. But like many electric vehicle manufacturers, Land is finding that there is a lot of potential in having a giant battery present at someone’s home beyond simply transportation. Just as some carmakers have flirted with the idea of having your electric car act as a home battery, why shouldn’t your electric bike do the same, to a lesser extent? “Being able to make electric batteries in-house is a pivotal moment for the team. As with other electric ecosystems, the new battery is designed to slot into the bike’s slot with minimal modification.

Cleveland-based electric motorcycle startup Land Moto is looking to expand its horizons by focusing on the battery design aspect of its technology. The company has recently raised $3 million, adding to the $7 million it raised in the previous summer, with plans to start its operations in 2024.

Land’s flagship product is the District, a visually striking electric motorbike that sits at the intersection of an e-bike and a motorcycle. The bike is powered by one or two large batteries designed by Land, and offers the option of limiting its speed to Class 2 (no permit required) or taking it over 70 MPH in performance mode.

(In the interest of transparency, I was actually considering purchasing one of these bikes, but ultimately decided it was too much for my needs. After seeing it in person at CES, I was tempted once again by its unique features.)

However, like many electric vehicle manufacturers, Land is realizing the potential of having a large battery present in a consumer’s home beyond just transportation. Just as some carmakers have explored the idea of using electric cars as home batteries, Land is now considering utilizing the same concept on a smaller scale with its electric bike.

The Core batteries come in various sizes, with the largest being a 5.5 kWh capacity that provides the bike with a range of 80-100 miles. This amount of energy can also be used to charge a phone for several months or run household appliances during a power outage. To promote this use case, Land has introduced a new accessory called the Power Tap.

Currently available for pre-order, the Power Tap adds a 400W three-prong outlet and four USB-C plugs to the side of the bike. These features are not meant for when the bike is in use, but rather for when the rider is taking a break outdoors or at a cafe.

However, the recent $3 million funding isn’t just for this accessory. The company plans to invest more heavily in battery manufacturing and design, making the Core batteries more than just a component for this particular bike.

“Being able to produce our own electric batteries is a pivotal moment for our team. It enables us to increase battery production in 2024 and continue to improve and innovate our sleek battery design,” said Evan Painter, Land’s head of design, in a press release.

I had the opportunity to speak with Painter at CES, and he mentioned that the electric ecosystem is rapidly expanding not only to specialized transportation, such as high-end electric motorcycles, but also to micro-mobility and off-grid purposes.

Displayed at CES was a newly redesigned battery with a similar shape, but equipped with next-generation consumer-grade inputs and outputs. This includes USB-C, USB-A, AC outlets, and solar input ports. The possibilities for future home use and integration are still being explored by the company.

Similar to other electric ecosystems, the new battery is designed to fit into the bike’s slot with minimal modifications. Furthermore, it has the potential to power different types and sizes of vehicles in the future.

The $3 million funding round brings the company’s total investment to $10 million, and was led by a special purpose venture vehicle called Nunc Coepi Ventures.

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