“New Crypto Fund Takes ‘Long-Term, Low Volatility’ Approach: Roundtable’s Bet for Sustainable Growth”

In fact, in the midst of raising the firm’s fourth fund, he seems to be positively cheery about the state of the crypto market despite how things are going. With over $1.2 billion in assets under management, 10T counts major crypto entities like Gemini, Kraken, Yuga Labs and Animoca Brands as part of its portfolio. And 1Roundtable Partners (1RT), Tapiero’s growth-stage firm, is also raising a not-insignificant amount for its upcoming fund: a minimum of $200 million and up to $800 million. As the bear market thaws, Tapiero sees few other growth equity investors dedicated to the crypto space at this point in time. Taking the long viewWith the new fund, 1RT plans to make about 10 to 15 additional investments with hopes of gaining another five to 10 board seats across those portfolio companies, Tapiero said.

The recent years have posed many challenges, even proving fatal, for various crypto and web3 startups. However, Dan Tapiero, the CEO, CIO, and managing partner of 10T Holdings and 1Roundtable Partners, remains unfazed.

In the midst of raising the firm’s fourth fund, Tapiero exudes positivity towards the current state of the crypto market. He shares with TechCrunch+, “The deals right now are incredible. It’s the single best time to invest in companies… the prices in the secondary are 50% to 80% discounted from previous rounds – and that’s for companies that are doing well, too.”

Tapiero’s optimism is not unwarranted, considering the notable status of his firm in the industry. With assets under management amounting to $1.2 billion, 10T Holdings boasts major crypto entities like Gemini, Kraken, Yuga Labs, and Animoca Brands in its portfolio.

Meanwhile, 1Roundtable Partners (1RT), Tapiero’s growth-stage firm, is also making big moves by raising a substantial amount for their upcoming fund – a minimum of $200 million and potentially up to $800 million. The new fund, expected to close in March, will focus on growth-stage companies in three major categories – infrastructure, blockchain, and financial services – as well as smaller areas such as blockchain gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse.

As the bear market begins to thaw, Tapiero notes the scarcity of other growth equity investors solely dedicated to the crypto space. He comments, “It’s never been the case that the landscape has been this empty, so we’ll raise as much as we can. We’re seeing some strong interest from significant players like large family offices, sovereign entities, or national entities that want exposure to the space and are essentially new to it.” He also mentions that the firm has already received some investments and has started making investments themselves.

Looking to the future, 1RT plans to make 10 to 15 additional investments with the goal of securing another five to 10 board seats within their portfolio companies. Tapiero adds, “Not only will we be focused on investing in companies, but we may also potentially bring more developed companies public.”

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