Speechify App Introduces Gmail Integration and Revolutionary Voice Cloning Feature

The new update has a scan feature, which lets users scan a physical document and import the text to listen to it later. The company is introducing a feature to let users read their emails by integrating their Gmail accounts. The app can also help users import their PDF attachments into the Speechify app. For instance, read later app Pocket, which is owned by Mozilla, has an in-app text-to-speech feature. Speechify wants to stand out in this market and wants to become a one-stop shop for anyone thinking about reading experiences by offering all kinds of integrations.

Speechify, the innovative text-to-speech startup, is preparing to make a splash with the release of their latest version of the iOS app (v3.0). This update brings a host of exciting features to the table, including a newly redesigned home page, the ability to scan documents, integration with Gmail and the popular learning platform Canvas, and an explore page for accessing in-app content.

The company has completely revamped their home page, providing users with convenient shortcuts to import files from various sources. With options like iOS Files, Google Drive, Kindle, Gmail, Text, Scan, and Link, importing files has never been easier. But perhaps the most impressive addition is the new scan feature. Users can now scan physical documents and have the text imported for listening at a later time. And, in a new development, users can even scan two pages of a book at once.

The home page has also received an Apple Fitness Ring-inspired makeover, featuring a daily reading goal that can be customized to individual preferences.

But that’s not all. Speechify is also unveiling a new feature that allows users to listen to their emails by integrating their Gmail accounts with the app. Additionally, users will now be able to import PDF attachments into Speechify. And the learning management system, Canvas, is now integrated with the app, giving students easy access to their homework assignments. Plus, with the new iCloud integration, files are automatically brought to Speechify.

Speechify is also taking advantage of the interactive widgets feature in iOS 17. The app now offers new widgets that make it easy to import sources, track reading progress, and continue listening to an imported document. And for premium users, tracks can now be listened to offline in a variety of different voices.

The company has announced that the app now boasts new AI voices with improved speech models. And for added fun, the celebrity voices of Snoop Dogg and Mr. Beast have also been updated. But the AI-powered features don’t stop there. Speechify 3.0 also offers users the ability to get an AI-powered summary of a document or article, which can then be read out loud by the app.

A standout feature of the new version is the ability for users to clone their own voice and have it read out text. Last year, Apple introduced an accessibility feature called Personal Voice, which creates a voice that sounds just like the user. And just earlier this month, Clubhouse released a similar feature that reads chats in the user’s own voice.

The team at Speechify proudly boasts of their 23 million users, though it remains unclear if this number refers to registered or active users. The startup has formed partnerships with popular apps like Artifact, founded by the creators of Instagram (though it was recently shut down), and Medium. The company’s co-founder and head of AI, Tyler Weitzman, has revealed plans to release a public API of their text-to-speech solutions, opening up possibilities for more business partnerships.

In addition to expanding support for external reading sources, Speechify has also given their explore page a makeover. This redesigned page now features the company’s own content, focusing on areas such as productivity, self-improvement, and learning differences. The content is presented in a format similar to Instagram Stories, making it engaging and user-friendly.

The company has observed that once users listen to approximately 500 words on Speechify, they are likely to become dedicated fans. In hopes of getting users hooked faster, the app now comes preloaded with content to give them a headstart. And Speechify has expressed their desire to bring even more content to the app, with a focus on offering various reading experiences. Notably, the app allows users to read content from different websites through an in-app browser, and even has a separate business vertical for audiobooks.

In the competitive space of text-to-speech technology, Speechify faces several different types of competitors. For example, the popular read later app Pocket, owned by Mozilla, also offers an in-app text-to-speech feature. And just last year, the New York Times launched their own audio app, based on the Audm product they acquired in 2020. But Speechify is determined to stand out in the market and become the go-to app for all things related to reading experiences, offering a wide range of integrations to meet the needs of their diverse user base.

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