“Revolve your Reels: Instagram’s Upcoming Feature to Allow Others to Add a ‘Spin’ to Your Content”

Instagram is working on a feature that would allow you to let others put a ‘Spin’ on your ReelInstagram is working on a “Spins” feature for Reels, its short-form video TikTok clone, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The feature, which was first spotted by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, would allow other users to swap out the text or audio in your Reels. The feature could be used as a way for users to start trends by creating templates that other people can then put their own creative spin on. #Instagram keeps working on “Spins” for #Reels 👀 ℹ️ Allow people to swap out text or audio in your Reel. If released, the new feature would give Reels users and viewers access to a functionality that isn’t available on TikTok.

The popular social media platform, Instagram, is currently in the works on an innovative and exciting new feature for its Reels. This short-form video feature, known as “Spins,” is a clear imitation of the popular app, TikTok. However, Instagram hopes to take this feature to the next level by allowing users to swap out the text and audio within a Reel.

“Spins” would allow other users to swap out the text or audio in your Reels.

The news was first revealed by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who spotted the prototype within Instagram’s internal system. However, the company has confirmed to TechCrunch that this feature is still in the testing phase and is not yet available to the public.

This new functionality could potentially spark new trends as users can create templates for others to put their own unique spin on. This would give individuals the opportunity to take a popular template and make it their own by changing the text or audio to fit their current scenario.

For example, someone could record a video of their dog yawning and add the text “Me on Monday mornings.” If “Spins” is enabled, other users can then share this video and change the text to “Me trying to stay awake in class.”

According to a screenshot shared by Paluzzi, creators would receive credit for their original Reel every time someone creates a Spin, thus allowing them to reach a wider audience. The screenshot also shows that users have the ability to turn the feature on or off for each Reel by using a toggle labeled “Spins.”

#Instagram keeps working on “Spins” for #Reels 👀

ℹ️ Allow people to swap out text or audio in your Reel. For every spin added, you will reach their audience.

This should not be confused with Reels’ current “Remix” functionality, which is a clone of TikTok’s duet feature. “Remix” enables users to appear in a video alongside the original one, providing commentary or reactions. In contrast, “Spins” allows for more collaborative and creative possibilities.

If released, this new feature would provide Reels users and viewers with a unique functionality not currently available on TikTok. As Reels is essentially a copycat of TikTok, the addition of “Spins” would bring a distinct feature, albeit a small one, between the two platforms.

As with any internal prototype, it is uncertain when or if Instagram plans to make “Spins” accessible to the public.

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