“The Reincarnation of Spotify’s Live Audio Technology: Introducing the Listening Party Feature”

Spotify’s live audio app is no longer active, but the company has been using the tech to connect fans and artists better with the “Listening Party” feature. A Listening Party is listed under the events section of an artist’s profile. Spotify said that while typically top fans of a band receive a specific invitation, any Spotify Premium user can join the Listening Party through the listing. Plus, each listening party has a live chat room during the event. Now it is trying to bring parts of group listening and live audio interactions together with the Listening Party feature.

Spotify’s popular live audio app may no longer be available, but the company continues to use its technology to connect fans and artists on a deeper level through its new “Listening Party” feature. This innovative addition allows highly engaged fans to join special events, such as album releases, and have the opportunity to ask their favorite artists questions in real time.

The company recently confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature has been in testing since December 2023 in the U.S. and Indonesia, with plans to expand to more markets soon.

“It’s still in its early stages, but we’ve had a few artists test it out over the past few months, including Zara Larsson and Bleachers,” said a spokesperson for Spotify.

A “Listening Party” can be found under the events section on an artist’s profile. While typically only top fans of a particular artist receive a specific invitation, any Spotify Premium user can now join through the listing. The company has yet to specify exactly what constitutes a top fan, other than those who have “demonstrated an affinity for the artist over time.”

Thanks to the use of real-time audio technology, fans can even request to go “on stage” during a session to interact directly with the artist. Additionally, each listening party comes equipped with a live chat room to further enhance the interactive experience.

According to Spotify, this new feature also gives fans the chance to browse and purchase the latest merch from their favorite artists while streaming music alongside other fans. Last year, the company launched an in-app Merch Hub, providing fans with personalized merchandise recommendations from various artists.

It’s worth noting that Spotify has already offered a Group Session feature for friends to listen to music together. Now, with its “Listening Party” feature, the company is taking things a step further by combining elements of group listening and live audio interactions.

Overall, Spotify has been working to foster more direct engagement between fans and artists in recent years by utilizing merchandise sales, events, and ticketing. And with the debut of the “Listening Party” feature, it seems the company is once again finding new and innovative ways to connect fans with the music and artists they love.

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