“WWDC 2024: Apple TV+ Unveils InSight, a Revolutionary Feature Comparable to Amazon’s X-Ray”

At Apple’s WWDC 2024, the company revealed a handy new feature for Apple TV+ called InSight. Apple TV+’s new feature appears to be similar to Amazon’s X-Ray technology, where Fire TV users get an overview of actor bios and behind-the-scenes information while watching TV shows and movies. To use “InSight,” Apple TV+ subscribers can use their remote to bring up a display with actor names and character information in real-time. Apple also announced several updates to tvOS, the software running on Apple TV. According to the company, there will be better vocal clarity over background noise, music, and action scenes on Apple TV 4K.

At Apple’s WWDC 2024, the tech giant announced InSight, a revolutionary new feature for Apple TV+. This exciting new tool allows viewers to instantly identify actor names and song titles as they appear on the screen.

Similar to Amazon’s X-Ray technology, which provides viewers with insightful actor bios and behind-the-scenes information while watching TV shows and movies on Fire TV, InSight’s standout feature is its innovative Shazam-like functionality. With InSight, users can easily discover and add the songs they love directly to an Apple Music playlist for later listening.

To access InSight, Apple TV+ subscribers can simply use their remote to bring up a display with real-time actor names and character information. From there, they can select an actor’s name to view a background and filmography page. Additionally, there will be a direct link to access the soundtrack on Apple Music.

In addition to the InSight announcement, Apple also revealed several updates to tvOS, the software that powers Apple TV. These updates include enhancing the audio experience by bringing improved dialogue to TV speakers, receivers, AirPods, and other Bluetooth devices. Previously, this feature was only available to users with HomePod speakers.

Thanks to machine learning and computational audio, the Enhance Dialogue feature on tvOS 18 is now smarter than ever. According to Apple, Enhance Dialogue will provide crisper and clearer vocal clarity, even in noisy backgrounds, music-filled scenes, and action-packed sequences on the Apple TV 4K.

Another exciting feature coming to tvOS 18 is the automatic subtitles, which will be activated depending on certain situations. These situations include when the volume is muted, the language in the show or movie doesn’t match the device language, or when users want to replay a particular scene. This will provide a seamless and immersive viewing experience for Apple TV+ users.

The new tvOS 18 update will be available later this year, bringing innovative features and enhancements to Apple TV.

During the event, Apple also announced exciting updates and revamps for other iOS devices. This includes a complete overhaul of the Photos app in iOS 18, as well as VisionOS 2 for the Vision Pro and a revolutionary Calculator app for iPad, complete with new and improved features.

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