“Avendus Aims to Raise $300 Million for Upcoming Private Equity Fund as Premier Indian Venture Advisor”

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Avendus, India’s leading investment bank for venture deals, is looking to raise about $300 million for its private equity unit, according to three sources familiar with the matter. With its third private equity fund, Avendus plans to write larger checks more frequently, one of the sources said. The firm raised its second fund, amounting to around $185 million, in 2021. Avendus employs over 150 bankers and was the top financial advisor in India last year. In the past decade, similar to financial advisors in other regions, Avendus has diversified its offerings, venturing into wealth management, credit financing, and private equity.

“Developing Effective Solutions to AI Concerns: Policy Recommendations by Amba Kak”

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Amba Kak is the executive director of the AI Now Institute, where she helps create policy recommendations to address AI concerns. She was also a senior AI advisor at the Federal Trade Commission and previously worked as a global policy advisor at Mozilla and a legal advisor to India’s telecom regulator on net-netruality. How do you navigate the challenges of the male-dominated tech industry and, by extension, the male-dominated AI industry? The tech industry, and AI in particular, remains overwhelmingly white and male and geographically concentrated in very wealthy urban bubbles. By exposing the power dynamics that the tech industry tries very hard to conceal.

“Breaking Barriers: An Inside Look into EU AI Act Advisor and European Parliament Member, Eva Maydell”

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Eva Maydell is a Bulgarian politician and a member of European Parliament. Eva Maydell, member of European ParliamentBriefly, how did you get your start in AI? When I first became a member of the European Parliament, I was one of the few young female members of European Parliament (MEPs) that worked on tech issues. The more women keep sharing their ideas, visions and voice, the more they will inspire other women to step into the world of tech. The greatest challenge for any politician working on tech and AI is trying to regulate and prepare for the future with accuracy.