The Davis-Bacon Act changes present a chance for startups to disrupt construction tech

New grounds, new challenges Startups can leverage automation, specifically robotic process automation (RPA), to help address some of these challenges.

Ask Sophie: Can I get an O-1A visa to bypass the H-1B process?

1. You don’t need a degree to get an O-1A, EB-1A or EB-2 NIW 2. You don’t need venture funding

Avoiding the pitfalls of OnlyFans with Rosie Nguyen from Fanhouse

The way her mother’s career as a programmer inspired her to learn how to code as a teenager. Why a core value of Thistle is making cybersecurity easy for developers.…

The last sale on passes to TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 ends tonight

Founder: $750 vs. $1,175 General Admission: $850 vs. $1,250 Investor: $850 vs. $1,250 Non-Profit Pass: $195 vs. $275 Student Pass: $195 vs. $275 Expo+ Pass: $145 vs. $195 Don’t miss…