“Mastering Your iPhone: Playing Pokémon and Other Game Boy Classics”

Pokemon On Iphone
Apple finally updated its App Store guidelines to allow global developers to host retro game emulators on iOS. Now, at long last, Testut has released a Game Boy emulator directly into the iOS App Store, where it’s already climbed to #1 on the entertainment charts. Delta, the emulator, even supports DS, N64, SNES and NES games, in addition to Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. If you’re a Paladin-esque rule follower, you can use a tool like Epilogue’s GB Operator, which can rip .ROM files directly from the Game Boy games that you already own. So, now that you have legally obtained your .ROM file, how do you get it onto your phone?

Hacker Claims Exploit Used on Streamers in Apex Legends Has Been Resolved by Game Developers

Apex Legends Concept Art
Last month, a hacker wreaked havoc during an esports tournament of the popular shooter game Apex Legends, hacking two well-known streamers mid-game to make it look like they were using cheats. “The exploit I’ve used in [Apex Legends Global Series] is fully patched,” the hacker who goes by Destroyer2009 said in an online chat. Or other video game hacking incidents? Or other video game hacking incidents? Destroyer2009’s hacks were high-profile, disruptive, and caused a big stir in the Apex Legends community.

Apple Removes Game Boy Emulator from App Store for Violating Rules, But Stands by Decision to Permit Game Emulators

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Apple has removed iGBA, a Game Boy emulator app for the iPhone, after approving its launch over the weekend. First launched on Sunday, iGBA was an ad-supported copy of the open-source project GBA4iOS that offered a Game Boy game emulator for iOS. The new app worked as described, allowing users to download both Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color ROMs from the web and then open them in the app to play. The Cupertino-based tech giant has been pushed to make the App Store more open thanks to the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). Following an update to its App Store rules to comply with the new regulation, Apple had announced it would also allow streaming game stores globally.

“Apple News Explores a Game Resembling NYT Connections in Newly Launched Feature”

Apple News Ios Icon
Apple News is testing a new game for iOS 17.5 called Quartiles, which requires players to organize a grid of 20 syllables into 5 four-syllable words. Spotted by Gadget Hacks, the interface for Quartiles looks a lot like the New York Times’ newest hit, Connections. Did Apple News sherlock the New York Times? While it may appear odd for a news aggregator to continue investing in games, that’s exactly what has been working for the New York Times. But given that the New York Times is low-key running a gaming studio now, it’s not a bad idea for Apple to churn out some new, preferably square-shaped games.

Transforming the Keyboard: How Magnets Are Changing the Game

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The next big thing in mechanical keyboards is magnetic switches. On a standard mechanical keyboard switch, you physically close an electrical circuit to register a key press. Popularized by Dutch keyboard startup Wooting, these switches rely on the Hall Effect and have actually been around since the 1960s. That’s one thing about board with magnetic switches: they tend to favor proprietary software over open-source solutions like VIA. The switch is a Khailh Sakura Pink magnetic switch with a 50gf bottom-out force.

Global Liberalization: Apple Embraces Retro Game Emulators with New App Store Regulations

App Store 2024 V1
Apple updated its App Store rules Friday to allow emulators for retro console games globally with an option for downloading titles. Apple’s update will probably encourage some of those developers to bring their emulators to the App Store. With Apple having to tweak App Store rules because of regulations, these kinds of games would provide another revenue stream for the company. Plus, it updated App Store rules at that time to support in-app purchases for mini-games and AI chatbots. “Apps may offer certain software that is not embedded in the binary, specifically HTML5 mini apps and mini-games, streaming games, chatbots, and plug-ins.

Facebook’s Decade-Long Partnership with Oculus: Reflecting on Ten Years of Growth

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Oculus’ Rift prototype felt like just such a device when it first crossed my radar more than a decade ago. “After games, we’re going to make Oculus a platform for many other experiences. Should anyone doubt the company’s commitment to the concept, it rebranded itself as “Meta”, killing off the Oculus brand the same afternoon. In spite of the $500 billion rebrand, Zuckerberg and co. never did a particularly good job defining the metaverse. That’s roughly 21x the price it paid for Oculus, not adjusting for inflation.

“250K Users and a Major Update: Experience the Latest Version of Rooms, the Innovative 3D Design App and ‘Cozy Game'”

Rooms App 2
Five months ago, Rooms, a 3D design platform made by ex-Google employees, launched its beta version on the App Store. Rooms is an interior decorating app that falls under the cozy game category. Players can build and code intricate 3D rooms and mini-games using a library of over 7,500 digital items. The majority of the updates are on the iOS app, but Rooms is adding the new categories and speed improvements to its web version. However, in the future, Rooms may offer a premium subscription offering but the company is waiting until the app gets more traction.

Activision Probing Malware Stealing Passwords from Gamers

Call Of Duty
Video game giant Activision is investigating a hacking campaign that’s targeting players with the goal of stealing their credentials, TechCrunch has learned. Somehow, the hackers are getting malware on the victim’s computers and then stealing passwords for their gaming accounts and crypto wallets, among others, according to sources. Zeebler described the effort as an “infostealer malware campaign,” where malware designed as legitimate-looking software unknowingly installed by the victim surreptitiously steals their usernames and passwords. Zeebler told TechCrunch that he found out about the hacking campaign when a PhantomOverlay customer had their account for the cheat software stolen. After that, Zeebler said he contacted Activision Blizzard as well as other cheat makers, whose users appear to be affected.

Live Scores for Sports Games Being Added by Threads: Starting with the NBA

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Threads, the Twitter-like app from Instagram, is adding live scores for sports games. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Friday that Threads has started testing live scores for NBA games, and that the platform plans to add support for additional leagues in the future. The launch of the feature comes as Threads continues to take on X, which has had live scores for sports games for around a decade now. Threads isn’t just adding live scores — users will also be able to tap a team’s logo to be redirected to the conversation about that team, and connect with other users who follow them. The addition of live scores marks Threads’ latest effort in building out a platform to rival X.