“Debt Boost: Marketing Automation Startup Blueshift Secures $40M Funding”

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Blueshift, a San Francisco-based startup that taps AI to help brands automate and personalize engagement across different marketing channels, has secured $40 million in debt financing from Runway Growth Capital. Blueshift competes with a number of vendors in the marketing automation space, including several who aim to build solutions from the ground up on GenAI. There’s also Pixie, an AI-powered full-stack marketing platform; Aampe, a marketing automation platform for mobile apps; and Connectly, which employs automation to nudge shoppers to complete purchases. As of June 2023, HubSpot had a roughly 37% share of the marketing automation market, followed by Adobe (~7%), Oracle (~7%) and ActiveCampaign (~7%). But it’s a very lucrative venture, marketing automation.

Exploring the Unconventional: Zupyak’s Journey of Founding Companies Without a Set Path

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Creating a startup without a fixed idea is like building a startup backward. Our journey began when my co-founder, Qi Cao, was exploring various startup ideas. Due to the increased paid marketing costs, finding new and cheaper ways of acquiring customers through content has become top of mind for startups and small businesses. Although arguably positive for us as consumers, the privacy trend is causing paid marketing costs to soar. Keep testing various marketing tactics until you strike gold, and measure your results to see if they were successful.

Breakr: The Music Marketing Startup that Raised Millions and Paid Creators $3.5M

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In the past two years, Breakr has onboarded over 30,000 influencers and managed more than $3.5 million in creator transactions. Now, to fuel its growth, Breakr has secured an additional $1.9 million at a valuation of $20 million. There are a number of platforms in the market today that connect creators, brands and content (such as music but other media, too) to build influencer campaigns. On the music side, artists (or labels) submit music for a particular campaign; and if the music gets selected, it gets promoted to new audiences. While music marketing is its main bread and butter, Breakr eventually wants to tap into other fields like film and television.