OpenAI Asserts Frivolous Nature of NY Times Copyright Lawsuit

Openai Pattern 04
In late December, The New York Times sued OpenAI and its close collaborator and investor, Microsoft, for allegedly violating copyright law by training generative AI models on Times’ content. Today, OpenAI published a public response in which the startup — unsurprisingly — claims that the case is without merit. “Interestingly, the regurgitations The New York Times [cite in its lawsuit] appear to be from years-old articles that have proliferated on multiple third-party websites,” OpenAI writes. The Times is only the latest copyright holder to sue OpenAI over what it believes is a clear violation of IP rights. Actress Sarah Silverman joined a pair of lawsuits in July that accuse Meta and OpenAI of having “ingested” Silverman’s memoir to train their AI models.