Innovative Moon Lander by Intuitive Machines: Advancing Space Exploration with Revolutionary Rocket Propulsion at a Reduced Cost

Intuitive Machines Odysseus Descending 1
Intuitive Machines’ first lunar lander officially lost power today after spending seven days on the moon. That propulsion system, which uses a combination of cryogenic liquid oxygen and liquid methane, could unlock new capabilities in space and de-risk future missions by other commercial providers. Before Intuitive Machines’ IM-1 mission, no lander had ever used this combination of propellants. After the successful launch, Intuitive Machines’ also ran into a brief issue chilling the liquid oxygen feed line, which took longer than anticipated. Two VR900 engines will also be used on Intuitive Machines’ much larger “Nova-D” spacecraft, to deliver 500-750 kilograms of payload to the moon.

Gabriel’s Urban Intelligence Initiative: Improving Neighborhood Safety in Latin America

Max 2
Erick Coser and Otávio Costa Miranda moved back to Brazil in 2019 to solve a large, yet unsolved problem in Latin America. Meanwhile in São Paulo, that is one camera per thousand people. Coser and Costa Miranda drew on the experiences of Europe to create Gabriel in 2020. The company integrates cameras and computer vision with routine police operations to address public safety challenges across Latin America. That walks side-by-side with strong investments in the takeover of São Paulo in 2024 and preparations for launching new cities in 2025.”