Preorder the $349 2a Budget Phone from Nothing

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The much-teased and oft-leaked Nothing Phone (2a) is now officially official, just under a week after it made its limited debut at the company’s MWC after party. Nothing’s third phone is the first that goes directly after the mid-tier/budget space, with a starting price of $349. The phone is currently only available here for developers looking to integrate third-party apps with the light up “Glyphs” on the device’s back. In the London-based firm’s home market, it’s available in both 8GB/128GB and 12GB/256GB models, running £319 and £319, respectively. At 5,000 mAh, the battery is larger than the ones found on both the Phone (1) (4,500mAh) and Phone (2) (4,700 mAh).

“Budget-Friendly Options Unveiled at MWC 2024 for Phone (2a)!”

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The London-based phone company’s media push largely relies on trickling out information about devices bit by bit. Nothing Phone (2a) certainly fits the bill. While it’s actually the company’s third handset, it’s the aimed squarely at a different demographic than the flagship Phone (1) and Phone (2). After various teases and a handful of official image releases, the Phone (2a) finally saw the light of day (well, the warm glow of a Barcelona night) at MWC 2024. Phone (2a) keeps the Phone (2)’s dual-camera set up, though it’s been moved to the center.