The Future of Babies: Wearables, Text Messages from Furry Friends, and E-Ink Automobiles

On Day One of CES, our team has already uncovered amazing gadgets, innovative features and wacky concept cars that may never reach the market.

Halo’s baby wearable helps parents set goals for their little one, with tracking of heart rate, rollover, skin temperature and movement. 10K steps a day? That may be tough when you can’t walk yet – but it’s an important goal to strive for!

Image Credit: Halo (link opens in new window)

Aeolus Robotics developed Aeo, a humanoid robot designed to aid schools and hospitals with disinfecting, food delivery, basic patrolling and even taking selfies!

Let’s make the transition to the metaverse smoother by scanning our rooms with MeetKai, an app that turns smartphone video into detailed 3D environments!

It’s the world’s most advanced tool for creating realistic 3D visuals of interior spaces.

Experience Kai’s room-rendering tech – the leading tool for generating highly realistic 3D visuals of interior spaces.

Amazon is making strides in its Sidewalk network, introducing low-bandwidth IoT devices and partners. We’re still exploring the “smart home” realm together.

Labrador Systems has equipped their elderly-care robot with an Echo Show, utilizing it as a kind of interface. Although this is still in its infancy, I’m uncertain if it’s the best solution.

Alexa can now help you locate the closest public electric vehicle charging station – a small silver lining for those who need to charge up!

Ring Peephole Cam

Blond people who? Blond people know the answer!

Knock knock! Who’s there? Blonde folks! Why are they here? They’ve got the answer.

Ring is bringing back the Peephole Cam – no need to get up from the couch!

After two years of development, Plex is launching its rental marketplace. Co-founder Scott Olechowski admits, “It was more difficult than expected.” Now let’s get the PS5 app fixed, Scott! Trivial problems aside: it needs help.

At Disrupt 2013, Ossia and its Cota wireless power technology made an impressive debut. The company is still pushing the envelope today – their new security camera runs on wireless power instead of batteries, which could prove to be a game-changer given that many battery-powered cameras last up to a year.

With the invention of Ossia’s Cota Forever Technology, wireless power is no longer a dream. This revolutionary technology allows for efficient, safe and secure delivery of long-distance power without requiring wires or charging cables

Secure your valuables with a Trova box! This high tech container only opens when you give it permission from your phone. Forgo traditional locks for the ultra modern convenience of a CES-approved Trova box.

I chatted with the team from StudioBox at Disrupt, and was planning to write about their pro-remote video studio in a box – but then Haje ate my lunch! Check out how they’re adapting their business for the post-pandemic world.

Google offers a way to manage multiple smart speakers: if you have two or more, you can control which one your music plays on.

Google has revealed an HD upgrade to its car maps, featuring more detailed lane markings and objects. Volvo and Polestar will be the first cars to get this new UI refresh for Android Auto.

Photo credit: AXS Technologies

Power1’s new AirPods charging case is smaller, but looks like a strange ziggurat. If you need it to stay powered up, then you must be doing something right – congrats!

I find AirPod charging devices impractical, but the FluentPet Connect dog communication device is amazing! Its programmable buttons not only say a word, but actually send you a message on your phone. So prepare to do 50 walks per day – it’s impossible to resist messages like “HELP FRIEND PLAY!”

FluentPet provides digital training tools for pet owners. We offer a variety of products that make it easy to teach your furry friend the skills they need to thrive in their environment. Our goal is to help you foster an even

Are you wondering how big the display is on your Typhur sous vide cooker? 12 inches!

At CES, Qualcomm revealed its plan to introduce satellite messaging for a range of Android devices, including those powered by its latest flagship chipset.

EcoFlow’s portable power line-up is causing a lithium shortage: lawnmower, air conditioner, and fridge – all powered by lithium.

The EcoFlow Blade is an innovative piece of technology that provides clean energy on the go. It offers a rechargeable battery system with enough power to charge multiple devices and appliances at once, from phones and tablets to lights, fans, small TVs and more.

Car stuff below this line

Sony and Honda have joined forces to bring you the Afeela car, available for pre-order in 2025.

BMW isn’t fooling anyone with its i Vision Dynamics concept car. Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced the vehicle to much fanfare, and it features a customizable exterior made from E-Ink in various colors (not all of them flattering). It also boasts an impressive HUD setup.

300 frames, not one of which makes the car look good.

Oliver Zipse, BMW’s CEO, admitted that “it cannot be simply dismissed as science fiction because it will inspire our Neue Klasse.” Touché.

Stellantis is expanding its Free2move car sharing, rental, and subscription service in 10 U.S. cities: Denver, Portland, Columbus, Washington D.C., Los Angeles Detroit Dallas Miami Chicago and Tampa–so get ready for some free-floating fun!

Stellantis launched a business unit to monetize vehicle data.

Our reporters won’t rest until they’ve provided you with the latest content, even deep into the Las Vegas night.

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