“Rising Costs of Children’s Apparel: Discovering Kidsy’s Revolutionized Discount Solution”

Kidsy Co Founders Shraysi Tandon And Sinan Sari
Kids’ clothing and gear is more expensive than ever. Kidsy has a sustainable solution for discountsAll parents know that raising kids is expensive. Enter Kidsy, a new Chicago-based e-commerce startup which aims to give consumers greater access to discounted baby and kids products by partnering with large brands, retailers and liquidation companies for their overstock and returns inventory. At the same time, it says, it can help prevent overstock and liquidation items – such as kids’ clothing – from ending up in landfills, which is obviously not good for the environment. Kids’ clothing: A massive marketTandon’s road to founding Kidsy started when she founded her own media production company after working as a journalist for Bloomberg TV and ABC News.

Introducing the Newest Addition to Makera’s Desktop 4-Axis Mill Family: The Carvera Sibling!

20240111 Dsc00278
In the depth of the pandemic, 500 or so backers chipped in to make Makera’s Carvera Kickstarter campaign, a fully automatic desktop CNC machine, hit its goal. At CES in Las Vegas, Makera showed off the Carvera Air, its baby brother. With almost the same work space, but less a few of the fancy features of its larger sibling, Makera Air is a (slightly) different beast, even better suited to learning the basics of CNC manufacturing. “Technology is the future,” Erdreich asserted. “And the future needs creators, not just consumers.”Erdreich has a clear vision for Makera and is excited about the company’s direction.