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Max Chen

Max Chen is an AI expert and journalist with a focus on the ethical and societal implications of emerging technologies. He has a background in computer science and is known for his clear and concise writing on complex technical topics. He has also written extensively on the potential risks and benefits of AI, and is a frequent speaker on the subject at industry conferences and events.
Linda Yaccarino leaves NBCUniversal, adding fuel to the Twitter CEO fire

From AI-generated images to manipulated videos, it’s common to come across misleading media. Today we’re piloting a feature that puts a superpower into contributors’ hands: Notes on Media Notes attached to an image will automatically appear on recent & future…

Dear Sophie: Is there a domestic pilot program for H-1B and L visa stamping?

Two-step process Form I-140 is the green card petition where you and your immigration attorney make the case for why you qualify for the green card type for which you’re applying. Form I-485 is also called the application to register…

Have enterprise buyers finally soured on ‘bottoms-up’ tech sales?

Enterprise software spending: Slower deal cycles, more scrutiny Today’s PLG needs to inform both the product and sales teams so they can work smoothly together and clinch the next deal.

Block Party's anti-harassment tool for Twitter is going on hiatus

We have a tough update to share: Block Party’s Twitter product is going on indefinite hiatus starting tomorrow. We fought hard to stay here, but recent changes have made it impossible for now. We’re so sorry it’s come to this.…