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Max Chen is an AI expert and journalist with a focus on the ethical and societal implications of emerging technologies. He has a background in computer science and is known for his clear and concise writing on complex technical topics. He has also written extensively on the potential risks and benefits of AI, and is a frequent speaker on the subject at industry conferences and events.

Uncover the Greatest WWDC Highlights You Might Have Missed

Wwdc24 Ios18 Control Center 02
Image Credits: Apple Image Credits: AppleAnother messaging-related update is that on iOS 18, you can see who hit tapback on what emoji. Image Credit: Screenshot by TechCrunchThere is a new Apps menu in Settings, which replaces all listed apps on the main page. Image Credit: Screenshot by TechCrunchYou can now define the recommended charging limit in the settings. iOS 18 now shows this if you are using slow charger like 5w. iOS 18 will allow users to experience music through haptics such as taps, textures, and refined vibrations that match the track’s audio.

LinkedIn Utilizes AI to Streamline the Job Search Process

Job Seeker Experience
“We’ve been building with AI since 2007,” its head of product, Tomer Cohen, said in an interview with TechCrunch this week. Below is a run-down of some of the new features:Job searches and job applications: We’re getting a new way to search for jobs using conversational prompts. You can be sure that LinkedIn is pushing its search algorithms to tap into the interest, but it’s also boosting its content with AI in another way. The third big area LinkedIn is leaning heavily on AI is search. Alongside all this, LinkedIn is expanding availability of Recruiter 2024, adding more tools for marketers, and introducing enhanced, premium company pages for small businesses.

Dave Burke, Android Engineering VP, relinquishes position to pursue “AI/bio” roles within the company

Dave Burke
Long-time Android Engineering VP Dave Burke said today that he is stepping down from the role. Burke, who spent 14 years building Android, is not leaving Alphabet and is exploring “AI/bio” projects within the company. Burke was involved in pivotal projects, including building Nexus/Pixel phones, developing Chrome for mobile phones, starting Android TV, and spearheading efforts to build and ship developer tools. “So… after 14 yrs leading Android engineering, I’ve decided it’s time for a change. So… after 14 yrs leading Android engineering, I've decided it's time for a change.

Advancing General Purpose Robotics: The Impact of Generative AI

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Given the frequency with which their developers toss around the phrase “general purpose humanoids,” more attention ought to be paid to the first bit. After decades of single purpose systems, the jump to more generalized systems will be a big one. The use of generative AI in robotics has been a white-hot subject recently, as well. One of the biggest challenges on the road to general purpose systems is training. The proliferation of multi-purpose systems would take the industry a step closer to general purpose dream.

Need a break from layoffs? Snag a 50% discount on an Expo+ admission!

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Layoffs are tough. The silver lining is that with an Expo+ pass, you can engage with a vibrant tech startup community at TC Disrupt, boasting over 10,000 participants, for the entire three days. Here’s the deal: If you’ve been through a layoff, in any industry, and from any country within one year of October 2024, you qualify for a discounted Expo+ pass. At Disrupt, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities to explore, with access to startup founders, CEOs, service providers, and partner companies. *Networking activations access is limited for Expo+ Passes and doesn’t include access to roundtables, small-group sessions, braindates or select receptions.

BONUS Opportunity: Extended Application Deadline for Startup Battlefield 200!

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A big shoutout to the early-stage founders who missed the application window for the Startup Battlefield 200 (SB 200) at TechCrunch Disrupt. Extended Startup Battlefield 200 deadlineIt’s time to stop kicking this task-can down the road. You have one extra week to apply to Startup Battlefield 200. A shot at $100,000: TechCrunch editors will select 20 startups from the SB 200 to be Startup Battlefield finalists. Apply to the Startup Battlefield 200 by June 17 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Foresite Capital Secures $900 Million in Sixth Fund for Healthcare and Life Sciences Investing

Despite having 47 IPOs, 28 M&As and 58 FDA-approved drugs under its belt, the 13-year-old multi-stage healthcare and life sciences firm took two years to raise its sixth fund. On Wednesday, Foresite announced that it closed its sixth fund with $900 million. Last summer, Foresite co-led a $115 million Series F into CG Oncology, a drug discovery company that had a successful IPO listing in January. Foresite intends to back about 20 companies from its sixth fund, writing checks from a couple of million up to $75 million. “Over a decade ago, we named the firm Foresite because we thought we had an idea of where healthcare was headed,” Tananbaum said.

“Automated Financial Reporting Fintech InScope Secures $4.3M Seed Round Led by VC Sheel Mohnot”

Kelsey Gootnick And Mary Antony Cowan 7105
The financial reporting and auditing process is not often on the list of sexy topics that technology startups want to go after. After years of performing reporting and auditing work for companies like Miro, Autodesk, Dropbox, Flexport and Yelp, Mary Antony and Kelsey Gootnick decided reporting and auditing needed some technology love, too. So they started San Francisco-based InScope in 2023, leveraging machine learning and large language models to provide financial reporting and auditing processes for mid-market and enterprises. We make it possible for our customers to have effortless, but accurate and reliable financial statements every time.”InScope’s financial report drafting tool. So much so that they could be customers, Gootnick said.

Introducing the Third $118M Fund of Friends & Family Capital, Established by Former Palantir CFO and Son of IVP’s Founder

Ffc Photo John Fogelsong Left Colin Anderson Right 3
When they first met in 2007, the now brothers-in-law bonded over their passion for venture capital, eventually leading them to invest together from their personal capital. By 2020, Anderson and Fogelsong decided to take their investing relationship to the next level by launching their first fund with external capital. That fund, which the firm considers its second vehicle, closed at $91.5 million, well above its initial target of $60 million. So,they named their firm “Friends & Family Capital” to capture that spirit, their own family connection, and Fogelsong’s roots in a prominent Silicon Valley VC family. Like its previous fund, Friends & Family’s third fund will be used to invest in “classic B2B enterprise software” companies and hardware businesses with recurring revenue components.

“Why Apple’s Practical AI, Apple Intelligence, is ‘Simply Effective'”

Wwdc 2024 Apple Intelligence Reveal
Not only is Apple rebranding AI to “Apple Intelligence” for its purposes, but it’s also integrating the new AI features in iOS 18 in a more practical way. Image Credits: ApplePresented in this way, some of the new Apple Intelligence features don’t even feel like AI, they just feel like smarter tools. If you want to make your writing more concise or summarize an email, Apple Intelligence can help. Outside of a few features — like Genmoji, which is just silly — Apple Intelligence feels boring and practical. Apple Intelligence will launch in beta this fall.