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Image Credits: Apple Image Credits: AppleAnother messaging-related update is that on iOS 18, you can see who hit tapback on what emoji. Image Credit: Screenshot by TechCrunchThere is a new Apps menu in Settings, which replaces all listed apps on the main page. Image Credit: Screenshot by TechCrunchYou can now define the recommended charging limit in the settings. iOS 18 now shows this if you are using slow charger like 5w. iOS 18 will allow users to experience music through haptics such as taps, textures, and refined vibrations that match the track’s audio.

Apple made some big announcements during its keynote address at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this week, revealing updates and new features for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, VisionOS, and the introduction of Apple Intelligence. But now that people are using developer betas and attending sessions at the event, more features that weren’t mentioned on stage are starting to surface. Let’s take a look at some of these exciting new additions:


One surprising feature that Apple didn’t mention on stage is the support for Rich Messaging Service (RCS), which was briefly shown in a collage of iOS features. This means that Android users will now be able to send and receive high-quality media while chatting with friends who have Apple products. Additionally, RCS will enable typing indicators and read receipts. However, all RCS-enabled messages will still appear as green bubbles, so the long-standing “blue vs green” debate is still ongoing.

Another messaging-related update for iOS 18 is the ability to see who has hit the tapback button on a specific emoji. Plus, users can now add text effects to emojis when sending them.


Apple has added some new customization options for users, including the ability to hide icon text by making the icons larger through the customization menu. They have also announced that they will be providing an API for developers to customize app icon tints.

iOS 18 also allows users to swap out lock screen action buttons. This means that developers can now integrate their camera apps directly into the lock screen, making them the default camera app. Safari has also received a new tab group creation UI when swiping right from the tab switcher screen.

There are also some new UI enhancements and improvements, such as a new map display for devices that request Bluetooth permission, a redesigned Control Center with a multi-page interface and a useful button for turning off the device directly without having to long press the power and volume buttons.

Apps Menu

Apple has introduced a new Apps menu in Settings, replacing the list of installed apps on the main page. Additionally, the search function in Settings now displays Spotlight-style suggestions for faster navigation.

Admins now have the ability to turn off AI-powered features like ChatGPT and Math Notes using Mobile device management (MDM) controls. The iCloud page in settings has also received a new design.

Language and Input

iOS 18 now supports multilingual keyboards, allowing users to type in multiple scripts and languages without switching keyboards. Live Text also now supports Arabic, and the company has added inline completions for French and Spanish. Hindi has also been added as a language option in the translation app.


The Weather app has a new setting for home and work locations, as well as a visual graph for comparing actual and “feels like” temperatures. Meanwhile, the Voice Memo app now allows recording in stereo, and users can define the recommended charging limit in the settings. There are also more charging options available in iOS 18 DB1.


Users can now view their upcoming events in a multi-day and list view, and can even pinch to zoom on the monthly view for a quick glance at their schedule. The Notes app has also received a long-awaited update, allowing users to assign different colors to text. Additionally, the new password app makes it possible to share Wi-Fi credentials as a QR code.


The Photos app now includes a wallpaper suggestions album, as well as new utility types such as Receipts, Handwriting, QR Codes, Documents, and Map Illustrations. The edit button for photos has also been moved to the bottom bar for easier access.


iOS 18 has introduced some new features to improve accessibility, such as motion cues with dots on the screen to reduce motion sickness while in a moving vehicle. Eye Tracking is also now available, allowing users to control their devices with just their eye movements.

Users now have the ability to define vocal shortcuts for performing specific actions, as well as sound actions through the Touch menu. Additionally, iOS 18 features haptic experiences for music, providing tactile feedback through taps, textures, and vibrations that match the audio of a song.

These are just a few of the many new features discovered by those using the beta version of iOS 18. As more features are discovered, we will continue to update this story. If you have found a new feature in the developer beta of iOS 18, please feel free to reach out to this reporter at im@ivanmehta.com.

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