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Image Credits: Apple Image Credits: AppleAnother messaging-related update is that on iOS 18, you can see who hit tapback on what emoji. Image Credit: Screenshot by TechCrunchThere is a new Apps menu in Settings, which replaces all listed apps on the main page. Image Credit: Screenshot by TechCrunchYou can now define the recommended charging limit in the settings. iOS 18 now shows this if you are using slow charger like 5w. iOS 18 will allow users to experience music through haptics such as taps, textures, and refined vibrations that match the track’s audio.

Yahoo Enhances News App and Introduces AI Summaries to Homepage

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Still, Yahoo has more AI plans in the works, including for its Yahoo News property on the web. However, while the Yahoo News app is taking learnings from Artifact when it comes to offering AI features, the AI summaries feature found on its Yahoo News is not related to its acquisition of the well-liked AI news app that had been created by Instagram’s founders, but had shut down after failing to reach a wider audience. That would explain why most visitors to the Yahoo News website would not have likely encountered these AI summaries as of yet. The code doesn’t reveal much about the underlying technology Yahoo is using for the AI summaries, only how they would appear to site visitors — in a lightbox, a type of web component used for displaying content. Combined with the Artifact-inspired revamp of Yahoo News and the AI features that arrived on Yahoo Mail, it’s clear that Yahoo is betting on AI to give its older web products and services a push.

Test Multiple Video Thumbnails Now Available for YouTube Creators

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YouTube announced this week the rollout of “Thumbnail Test & Compare,” a new tool for creators to see which thumbnail performs the best. When creators publish a new video (or update an existing video), they can test up to three thumbnails, which will be shown “evenly” across viewers, the company explained in a post. YouTube encourages testing thumbnails with distinct differences, such as variations in layout compositions, backgrounds, and text overlays, to ensure a comprehensive test. Creators can test thumbnails on a variety of content, including regular videos, podcast episodes, archived livestreams, and public long-form content. Over the coming weeks, Thumbnail Test & Compare will become available in YouTube Studio on desktop to all creators with access to advanced features.

“WWDC 2024: Apple’s Rob, Or Borrowed? A Look at the Apps that Got Sherlocked”

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But a lot of those features were already available to some extent on Apple devices through third-party apps. So, just like the past few years, we will examine the ideas that Apple “Sherlocked” in this year’s updates. But what do we mean that Apple “sherlocked” something? Feature: Voice transcriptionSherlocked apps: Otter, AudioPen, Voicenotes.comApart from call transcription, Apple will also offer voice transcription in apps like Notes with the upcoming updates. That said, some of these Sherlocked apps might survive by offering customized or enterprise solutions, but some small-scale indie apps will eventually lose users to Apple.

“Why Apple’s Practical AI, Apple Intelligence, is ‘Simply Effective'”

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Not only is Apple rebranding AI to “Apple Intelligence” for its purposes, but it’s also integrating the new AI features in iOS 18 in a more practical way. Image Credits: ApplePresented in this way, some of the new Apple Intelligence features don’t even feel like AI, they just feel like smarter tools. If you want to make your writing more concise or summarize an email, Apple Intelligence can help. Outside of a few features — like Genmoji, which is just silly — Apple Intelligence feels boring and practical. Apple Intelligence will launch in beta this fall.

“Unveiling Apple’s Revolutionary AI Advancements at WWDC 2024”

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Apple announced a deal with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT, OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot experience, to a range of its devices. Here’s a roundup of a few of the more noteworthy Apple AI announcements from WWDC 2024. New SiriSiri got a makeover courtesy of Apple’s overarching generative AI push this year, called Apple Intelligence. To take advantage of the new Siri, you’ll need an Apple device that supports Apple Intelligence — specifically the iPhone 15 Pro and devices with M1 or newer chips. Apple Intelligence will have an understanding of who you’re chatting with, Apple says — so if you want to personalize the chat with a custom AI image, you can do so on the fly.

“iPhone 15 Pro and M1-enabled devices to Offer Advanced Apple Intelligence Capabilities”

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Apple announced a ton of new AI features under the new Apple Intelligence moniker. While the features are free to use, only a limited number of devices will get access to them. These devices include on iPhone 15 Pro along with iPad and Mac with M1 or newer chips. So older iPhones or iPhone 15 users won’t be able to use these abilities. The new Apple Intellgience features include revamped Siri, writing features across the system, image generation capabilities, and genAI-powered emoji.

“Prioritizing Practicality over Pizzazz: The Imperative for Apple’s AI Development”

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Reliability firstApple makes some of the most popular devices on the planet, and its AI features should serve to make them more useful. A lot of AI-powered features rely on going back to the cloud to get answers or inputs back. Rumors on the street are that Apple will announce a deal with OpenAI to power AI features across its operating systems. Given AI’s hallucination problems, Apple might not want to be directly involved in content-related AI features just yet. Companies like Google and OpenAI have had to walk back on AI features because of errors or copyright issues.

“Revolutionizing WhatsApp Business: The Integration of AI-Powered Functionality by Meta”

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Today, Meta announced AI-powered features for WhatsApp Business apps, such as helping with the creation of click-to-WhatsApp ads and generating responses to frequent customer messages. WhatsApp Business users will be able to leverage AI to create Facebook and Instagram ads that can start a WhatsApp chat with a business. The company said it is testing AI-powered customer support, which will automatically answer customer queries related to catalog or frequently asked questions. Meta noted that it plans to denote AI-generated messages clearly so customers know that they are not talking to a representative of a company. While Meta is offering these tools without a cost, its primary driver for revenue on the WhatsApp Business platform is businesses having more conversations with customers.

“Exclusive Interview with Reddit’s Chief Product Officer: Enhancing User Experience through Improved Translations, Enhanced Moderation, and Advanced Developer Tools”

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After its IPO, the platform is planning a slew of product features for the year ahead, and — spoiler alert — most of them are powered by AI. “I think the IPO was an important milestone, but we’re just focused on building for our users,” Reddit Chief Product Officer Pali Baht told TechCrunch. Reddit’s product roadmap includes faster loading times, more tools for moderators and developers, and an AI-powered language translation feature to bring Reddit to a more global audience. According to Reddit’s IPO filing, in December 2023, 50% of Reddit’s daily active unique users were from non-U.S. countries. The company will build on those updates with other new tools, like an LLM that’s trained on moderators’ past decisions and actions.