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“Databricks Introduces LakeFlow: Empowering Clients to Develop Seamless Data Pipelines”

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With LakeFlow, Databricks users will soon be able to build their data pipelines and ingest data from databases like MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server and Oracle, as well as enterprise applications like Salesforce, Dynamics, Sharepoint, Workday, NetSuite and Google Analytics. In a way, getting data into a data warehouse or data lake should indeed be table stakes because the real value creation happens down the line. The first is LakeFlow Connect, which provides the connectors between the different data sources and the Databricks service. It’s fully integrated with Databricks’ Unity Data Catalog data governance solution and relies in part of technology from Arcion. Databricks is rolling out the LakeFlow service in phases.

“Energy Crunch: Belgian Startup Gorilla Scores $25M in Funding with Cutting-Edge Data Solutions”

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Gorilla, a Belgian company that serves the energy sector with real-time data and analytics for pricing and forecasting, has raised €23 million ($25 million) in a Series B round led by U.S. venture capital firm Headline. Founded in 2018, Antwerp-based Gorilla works with energy providers across Europe, the U.S. and Australia, including British Gas’ parent Centrica, Shell Energy, and Atlanta, Georgia-based Gas South. Throw into the mix geopolitical factors such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, ever-evolving regulations, increasingly distributed energy sources across fossil and renewables, and the increasing use of connected technology, and we now have fertile ground for data-focused energy startups to flourish. “No one knows what the energy sector will look like 10 years from now,” Gorilla’s co-founder and CEO, Ruben Van den Bossche, said in a statement. Other participants in the round include the startup’s existing investors Beringea and Belgian private equity firm, PMV.

Illuminating the Way: Danish Startup Emerges from Stealth with $13M in Seed Financing to Revolutionize AI Integration in Financial Records

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That’s according to Jonathan Sanders, CEO and co-founder of fledgling Danish startup Light, which exits stealth Wednesday with $13 million in a seed round of funding led by European VC giant Atomico. The Copenhagen-based startup is reimagining general ledger software from the ground up, replete with AI to cleanse transactional data, while also enabling finance teams to ask plain-English questions and receive straightforward answers from their data. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is king, packing support for CRM (customer relationship management), HR (human resources), project management, and perhaps the most crucial component of all, the general ledger. And it’s this element of the ERP that Light is focused on dragging into the modern digital era, where AI increasingly rules the roost. “Our mission is to be the first automated ledger for global companies,” Sanders told TechCrunch.

FTC Targets “Mob Bosses” in Big Tech: Lina Khan Leads Efforts

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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is focusing its efforts on going after Big Tech, according to FTC Chair Lina Khan, who spoke at TechCrunch’s Strictly VC event in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday. Khan said the agency is focused on going after the players that are doing the biggest harm, as opposed to just increasing the number of cases that it brings forward. “One thing that’s been important for me is to make sure that we’re actually looking at where we see the biggest harm,” Khan said. The FTC and the Department of Justice have struck a deal to investigate Microsoft, Open AI and Nvidia over potential antitrust violations, according to The New York Times. The types of cases that the FTC selects can act as a deterrent, she said, noting that the FTC is already seeing that happen.

“AI-enhanced Research Platform Linq Secures $6.6M in Funding for Simplifying Financial Analysis”

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When generative AI tools started making waves in late 2022 after the launch of ChatGPT, the finance industry was one of the first to recognize these tools’ potential for speeding up the data-gathering and research process. MIT alumni Jacob Chanyeol Choi and Subeen Pang founded Linq after they won the Samsung Open Collaboration in 2023, an accelerator-like program hosted by Samsung Financial Network. Choi told TechCrunch that win spurred him to build large language models (LLMs) for enterprises, particularly the financial sector. “We knew the potential for a tool that could seamlessly integrate with a company’s data ecosystem, which led to the birth of Linq,” Choi said. In addition to its B2B service for enterprise clients, the startup also plans to build B2C tools for AI equity research.

” “Rocket Lab’s Space-Grade Solar Cell Production Receives $24M Boost from Biden Administration”

The funding, which would go to Rocket Lab subsidiary SolAero Technologies, would help increase the company’s compound semiconductor production by 50% within the next three years. The funding would help the company build out its Albuquerque-based facilities and create more than 100 direct manufacturing jobs, Rocket Lab said in a statement. Rocket Lab acquired SolAero, which operates a ~115,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, in 2022 for $80 million. The company is one of just two in the United States that specializes in the production of space-grade, radiation-resistant compound semiconductors, or space-grade solar cells. SolAero is highly vertically integrated: In addition to the solar cells, the firm also manufactures solar panels and power modules.

Creating Constantly Improving Datasets for Ethical AI Training: A Focus on Spawning’s Goals

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Jordan Meyer and Mathew Dryhurst founded Spawning AI to create tools that help artists exert more control over how their works are used online. Meyer claims that, despite the fact that it’s substantially smaller than some other generative AI training data sets out there, Source.Plus’ data set is already “high-quality” enough to train a state-of-the-art image-generating model. Generative AI models “learn” to produce their outputs (e.g., photorealistic art) by training on a vast quantity of relevant data — images, in that case. Image Credits: Spawning“Source.Plus isn’t just a repository for training data; it’s an enrichment platform with tools to support the training pipeline,” he continued. And, Meyer says, Spawning might build its own generative AI models using data from the Source.Plus datasets.

Voodoo Acquires BeReal in €500M Deal for Mobile Apps and Games

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Voodoo, a French mobile apps and games publisher, has acquired BeReal for €500 million. As part of the acquisition, BeReal co-founder and CEO Alexis Barreyat will leave the company after a transition period. Aymeric Roffé, the CEO of Wizz, one of Voodoo’s social media apps, will take over as CEO of BeReal. On BeReal, users receive a push notification each day prompting them to post they’re up within a two-minute window. “Voodoo has a proven track record of driving significant growth in mobile apps,” said BeReal founder Alexis Barreyat, in the press release.

Unleashing Diversity: Crunchbase’s Expansion of Tracking to Europe

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Crunchbase is expanding the scope of its tagging options in Europe to start tracking how much venture capital funding goes to minority founders on the continent. Diversity Spotlight is a feature on Crunchbase that lets companies add tags to their profiles to label themselves. Crunchbase is now making this feature available in Europe. Crunchbase initially launched the Diversity Spotlight feature in 2020, and last year expanded it to add an LGBTQ+ tag. Women globally, meanwhile, typically receive less than 2% of venture capital funding across the world.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your CPU: Flow’s Revolutionary Chip and the Magic of Elbow Grease

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Flow is a spinout of VTT, a Finland state-backed research organization that’s a bit like a national lab. You can’t just magically squeeze extra performance out of CPUs across architectures and code bases. But Flow has been working on something that has been theoretically possible — it’s just that no one has been able to pull it off. What Flow claims to have done is remove this limitation, turning the CPU from a one-lane street into a multi-lane highway. The chef still only has two hands, but now the chef can work ten times as fast.