“Screen Skinz Secures $1.5M in Funding to Revolutionize Custom Screen Protection”

Screen Skinz
Clay Canning had an idea while in high school: smartphone screen protectors that featured logos, right on the screen. “In December 2022, I resigned from my job to pursue building Screen Skinz with Clay full time.”Now, Screen Skinz can officially announce the closing of a $1.5 million seed round led by South Loop Ventures and Abo Ventures. The company produces custom, patent-pending phone screen protectors that feature personalized logos or slogans that are visible when the phone screen is black and then disappear when the phone is in use. The latest fundraise allowed Screen Skinz to move manufacturing from Asia to the U.S., allowing it to more easily control its supply chain. Screen Skinz next has some partnerships lined up and is focused on customer acquisition and deepening licensing relationships.

“Global Sanctions Screening: London’s Regtech GSS Secures $47M Funding for Banks”

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Global Screening Services (GSS), a London-based regulatory compliance platform that helps financial institutions meet their global sanctions obligations, has raised $47 million in a round of funding. The raise comes amid a spike in economic sanctions, with the U.S. issuing trade-restrictions and asset-blocking against states including Russia, China, Iran and more. The company actually raised a similar amount of funding last year from big-name backers including Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), one of the world’s largest banks. Banks often find themselves at the forefront of sanctions enforcement, given their role in controlling the flow of money around the globe. GSS sells a sanctions-screening platform to help banks and other financial institutions comply with regulations.

Eliminate Distraction with a Straightforward To-Do App: Twodos

That’s why software developer Adam Whitcroft built a dead simple to-do app called Twodos that doesn’t remind you of your pending tasks. Whitcroft, who has worked at a16z-backed Rewind and Shopify, wanted to have a non-noisy app for his tasks. You can add tasks, mark them as done using a swipe gesture, and check the archive to clear all tasks. Last decade’s simple to-do hit Clear, launched a new version called Clear 2 last month. Clear’s developer Phill Ryu said that the app still follows simple gestures for navigation and task management without overloading the app with features.

“Revolutionizing TV Technology: Displace’s Innovative Wall-Mounted Models and Advanced AI Functions”

Displace Minitv
The Displace wireless TV, that sticks to walls, plans new models and new AI featuresAt CES 2023 a startup hardware company called Displace launched the 55-inch ‘Display Flex’, a “wireless” $3,000 4K OLED TV which sticks to walls without a traditional mounting. To begin with, the new ‘Display Mini’ will be a smaller 27 inch TV and designed for a kitchen or bathroom space. The Displace devices will also have a Thermal camera built-in that has potential health applications (like reading your body heat maps to detect inflammation etc. While most consumers are fine with a traditional TV setup, it’s businesses that need to be able to mount a TV on a wall, or even a window, as Displace is capable of doing. And should that fail, the screen will gradually lower itself using a zipline – like a spider walking down a web – from the wall.

Revitalizing Virtual Connections: EyeQ’s Approach to Maintaining Eye Contact during Video Calls

20230109 Dsc00245
There are a ton of tools out there that help you keep eye contact when talking with people online – some (Plexicam, CenterCam) place the camera in front of your screen. Others use AI to edit the video stream to make it look as if you’re looking at the camera (it’s creepy AF when done poorly). EyeQ is taking a different approach, and we took a closer look at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The lack of personal connection and the inability to maintain eye contact during video calls are major contributing factors to this issue. “Our primary focus is on the online healthcare and consultancy markets, where making authentic eye contact is crucial.

Discover the Latest in Smart Home Tech: Experience Samsung’s Interactive ‘AI Characters’ in Household Maps

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Samsung wants to make the smart home smarter — if your home’s a Samsung home, that is. Elsewhere, Samsung launched a new “map view” for SmartThings similar to Amazon’s recently launched Map View. Samsung’s take shows an interactive map of your home complete with the location of any smart home devices (e.g. In a cute (or creepy, depending on your point of view) touch, the new SmartThings maps show “AI characters” that stand in for family members and pets inside the home. But once that’s done, they’ll display on supported Samsung TVs, the screen of the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge and Samsung’s M8 monitors.

Becoming a Projector Person: Embracing a New Way of Living

Cmc 7600
I’ve recommended plenty of their products over the years and have been tempted to check out an Anker Nebula projector for some time. Just ahead of the holidays, I contacted the company to check out a review unit, and shopped around for a decently priced projector screen. The story of how I ended up with a 100-inch projector screen in my bedroom is an entirely unexciting combination of pricing, comparison shopping and reading reviews. Released earlier this year, the Anker Nebula Capsule 3 is more or less exactly what I’ve been looking for in a projector. Factor in the projector screen and that’s another $70 in my case.

“Introducing the Latest Addition to the Zenly Family: Amo’s Third App”

Amo Location
And it’s going to look really familiar to former users of Zenly as Amo’s third app is a location-sharing app — just like Zenly. With its second app Capture, Amo is creating a social camera app. Amo’s new app, Location, is probably the easiest one to describe and understand. Brought to you by the original team behind location-sharing app Zenly. •… — amo (@amoamoamo) December 19, 2023Location is both a utility app and a social app.