ecosystem “Unleashing the Power of Modular AI: 0G Labs Sets Sail with Staggering $35M Pre-Seed for Revolutionary Blockchain Ecosystem”

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0G Labs, a web3 infrastructure firm,” has raised $35 million in a pre-seed round, the team exclusively told TechCrunch. “In order to build the basic technology, we wanted to raise $5 million, originally,” said 0G co-founder Michael Heinrich. 0G, sometimes called ZeroGravity, is creating a modular AI blockchain that aims to alleviate the pain points of on-chain AI applications in the web3 ecosystem, like speed and cost efficiency. On-chain AI and gaming requires a fast data pipeline. It also plans to enable new use cases and things that were not possible before like on-chain AI, on-chain gaming and high-frequency decentralized finance (DeFi).

Albedo Secures $35 Million in Funding for Groundbreaking Satellite Orbiting Technology

In 2019, then-President Trump tweeted a detailed image of a heavily damaged Iranian launch pad captured by a classified military satellite. The image, which was declassified in 2022, revealed what many in the commercial Earth observation industry suspected: that U.S. defense had the ability to capture images at a staggeringly sharp 10-centimeter resolution. In comparison, the biggest optical imagery providers today collect images at a 30-centimeter resolution, which is algorithmically improved to 15 centimeters.) Now, the company says it has closed $35 million in Series A-1 financing, at an up round valuation. Right now, Albedo is working toward launch of its first commercial satellite in the first half of 2025.

Global Battery Enterprise Receives $35M Investment to Close Electric Vehicle Divide in India

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International Battery Company, a startup developing lithium-ion battery cells for electric vehicles, has raised $35 million as it plans to bridge the demand-supply gap in the growing EV market in India. International Battery Company touts to address these issues and fulfill both the current and projected demand of EV batteries in the country with its in-house Li-ion battery cells. So, we want to participate in that journey in India,” Priyadarshi Panda, founder and CEO of International Battery Company, told TechCrunch in an interview. “We are proactively preparing for the execution of building the gigafactory in India, which we will do with the additional fundraising.”Distinctive edgeNotably, International Battery Company is not alone in building Li-ion battery facilities in India. “The [International Battery Company] founders, and the way they have approached so far is just very different from a lot of others.

Breakr: The Music Marketing Startup that Raised Millions and Paid Creators $3.5M

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In the past two years, Breakr has onboarded over 30,000 influencers and managed more than $3.5 million in creator transactions. Now, to fuel its growth, Breakr has secured an additional $1.9 million at a valuation of $20 million. There are a number of platforms in the market today that connect creators, brands and content (such as music but other media, too) to build influencer campaigns. On the music side, artists (or labels) submit music for a particular campaign; and if the music gets selected, it gets promoted to new audiences. While music marketing is its main bread and butter, Breakr eventually wants to tap into other fields like film and television.