Deconstructing the CommandBar Pitch Deck: A Closer Look at their $4.8M Seed Funding Presentation

Pitch Deck Teardown 2024
Startups typically operate under tight budget constraints, and spending significant time and money on pitch deck design may not be the best use of limited resources. Your mileage may vary, but your pitch deck does need to be machine-readable. For reference, my AI-powered pitch deck tool gave this deck a 16.9% chance at raising funding. “The stellar early customer traction, with some marquee logos, certainly helped!”The full pitch deckIf you want your own pitch deck teardown featured on TechCrunch, here’s more information. Also, check out all our Pitch Deck Teardowns all collected in one handy place for you!

Andalusia Labs Secures $48 Million Series A Funding to Enhance Digital Asset Risk Infrastructure

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Digital asset risk infrastructure-focused Andalusia Labs, formerly known as RiskHarbor, has raised $48 million in a Series A round at a valuation “north of $1 billion,” the company exclusively shared with TechCrunch. Alongside the fresh capital raise, Andalusia Labs opened its global headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The $48 million will also be used to grow its product development and expand the team, said Raouf Ben-Har, co-founder of Andalusia Labs. All aim to provide digital asset support to institutions, developers and consumers through their respective niches. “Developers, developers, developers,” said co-founder Drew Patel.