Unveiling the Ingenious Rabbit R1: Perplexing AI’s Revolutionary Technology for Resolving Your Inquiries

Rabbit Left
The rabbit r1 will use Perplexity AI’s tech to answer your queriesOne of the standout gadgets of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the rabbit r1, will use Perplexity AI’s tech to answer user queries, both companies said in an announcement. Perplexity noted that the first 100,000 r1 buyers will get one year of Perplexity Pro for free. We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Rabbit: Together, we are introducing real-time, precise answers to Rabbit R1, seamlessly powered by our cutting-edge PPLX online LLM API, free from any knowledge cutoff. The 5th batch of 10,000 rabbit r1 devices has sold out. Pre-orders for the 6th batch, totaling 50,000, are available now at https://t.co/R3sOtVWoJ5 Expected delivery date for the 6th batch is June – July 2024.