Cyber Breach: Customer Information Compromised in Phishing Attack Targeting Accounting Partner, Reports Framework

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U.S. repairable laptop maker Framework has confirmed that hackers accessed customer data after successfully phishing an employee at its accounting service provider. In an email sent to affected customers, Framework said that an employee at Keating Consulting, its primary external accounting partner, fell victim to a social engineering attack that allowed malicious hackers to obtain customers’ personal information related to outstanding balances for Framework purchases. Framework told affected customers that hackers could use this stolen information to impersonate Framework to ask for payment information. The Silicon Valley-based accounting company, which primarily provides interim financial leadership and back-office support to startups, has almost 300 clients, according to its website. Framework said that in light of the incident at Keating, the company will require mandatory phishing and social engineering attack training for any of the company’s employees who have access to Framework customers’ information.