Atari-Inspired: Unveiling Microsoft’s Latest Adaptive Additions: Harnessing the Allure of the Iconic Atari Joystick

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories Resize
The company has offered accessibility-focused Xbox peripheral for some time and has introduced the Adaptive line of computing peripherals roughly this time last year. The Adaptive line got a refresh and a couple of new entries at this week’s virtual Windows event. This round brings back the Adaptive Mouse, which features thumb support and custom tails 3D printed by Shapeways. The Adaptive Hub is effectively an adaptive accessory for the other adaptive accessories, allowing for up to three devices and four Adaptive Buttons to be connected wirelessly. Rounding out Microsoft’s new accessibility accessories is a Surface Pro Keyboard with brighter backlighting and bolder text for users with vision impairments.

“Revolutionize Your Financial Management with Grifin’s Revolutionary Auto-Investment Model while Shopping”

Grifin Co Founders
Investing app Grifin today officially launched its anticipated investing model called “Adaptive Investing,” which enables you to automatically invest in your favorite brands that you frequently shop from. “Investing, and even having a healthy positive relationship with money, is an incredibly difficult thing to do and achieve,” co-founder Aaron Froug tells TechCrunch. It also introduces a “Secret Cash” function, allowing for non-public purchases and putting more money away as cash for their future. “I’ve been personally using our app for a little over two years and I’ve invested in 115 unique companies,” he notes. Additionally, Grifin is planning a redesign of its app, which will include a premium version as well as an AI chatbot to help people learn how to invest.