X’s NSFW Communities Plans Confirmed

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A day after researchers surfaced X’s plans to test NSFW adult communities on the platform formerly known as Twitter, the company confirmed that Community admins can now set an “Adult Content” label in their settings to avoid having their communities’ content auto-filtered. Otherwise, all NSFW content will be soon filtered across X’s Communities by default. Check out the latest updates and improvements for X Communities.👇 Updates (With the latest version of the app):– [All] Admins can now add topics to their Communities, and you can see topics linked to Communities on all devices. – [All] Soon, NSFW content will… — Dongwook (@DongWookChung2) March 28, 2024Now, included in a long list of updates to X’s Communities is the confirmation that NSFW-focused communities will be allowed to designate themselves as such to keep from having their content filtered automatically, as in other Communities. The X executives had not shared any plans for NSFW Communities at that time.

“Mastodon Vulnerability Exposed: How a Rivalling Spam Raid on Twitter/X Spotlights the ‘Fediverse'”

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A spam attack that impacted the open source X rival Mastodon, Misskey, and other apps highlights how the decentralized social web, also known as the Fediverse, is open to abuse. Over the past several days, attackers have targeted smaller Mastodon servers, taking advantage of open registrations to automate the creation of spam accounts. While this is not the first spam attack that has impacted the Fediverse, Rochko notes that only larger servers like had been targeted previously. The spam attack highlighted one of the weaknesses that comes with how the Fediverse is structured. It makes me want to walk away and give up,” wrote one Mastodon server admin