EDPB Demands Real Privacy Choice from Adtech Giants Such as Meta for EU Users

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The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has published new guidance which has major implications for adtech giants like Meta and other large platforms. The guidance, which was confirmed incoming Wednesday as we reported earlier, will steer how privacy regulators interpret the bloc’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in a critical area. The full opinion of the EDPB on so-called “consent or pay” runs to 42-pages. However a market leader imposing that kind of binary choice looks unviable, per the EDPB, an expert body made up of representatives of data protection authorities from around the EU. “Online platforms should give users a real choice when employing ‘consent or pay’ models,” Talu wrote.

Enhancing Brand Exposure: Vibe’s Platform for Affordable Streaming Video Advertising for Small Businesses

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But it’s a fragmented market with different streaming apps, channels and live sports leagues. But even if you remove the big names, there are quite a few different ad-supported streaming services, such as FAST (free advertising-supported streaming television) services like Pluto, big OTT platforms like Fubo, and of course broadcasters themselves like Paramount, Warner Bros., CNN, etc. We have Benjamin Antier on the board — he’s the founder of Publica, the biggest ad server for streaming apps. Using Vibe’s ad platform is pretty straightforward. After picking the streaming apps and channels where you want to show your ads, you can select a geographical area and an audience based on various interests.