“Empowering the Masses: Harness Wealth’s Mission to Revolutionize Tax Planning”

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The Harness offering also has two other components, serving as a marketplace for discovery of advisors and services and consumer financial insight tools. In order to fill that need, Harness partnered with experienced tax advisors who in most cases already had a significant roster of clients. So when those advisors partnered with Harness, many of those clients became clients of Harness as well. Put simply, the new platform “powers the collaboration between tax advisors and their clients,” the company said. About 75% of Harness’ clients come through advisors that join the platform.

AppDirect Secures $100 Million in Expansion of Financial Program for Technology Enterprises

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AppDirect, a San Francisco- and Montreal-based platform for buying, selling and managing tech through a network of IT advisors, has raised $100 million from CDPQ to expand its financing program for small- and medium-sized tech businesses. “Our Invest program is purpose-built to empower our technology advisors,” Emanuel Bertolin, AppDirect’s chief revenue officer, said in a statement. “To keep up with today’s ever-changing market, technology merchants need fast access to capital to accelerate their growth.”AppDirect’s Capital Invest program is a loan program, providing capital for tech businesses in the form of upfront payments. Today, AppDirect offers a set of tools that let businesses monetize — or buy — tech products across a range of different channels and devices. We also provide the opportunity for our advisor community to procure technology for their customers directly from the AppDirect catalog.”AppDirect launched the Capital Invest program in 2021.