Pula Secures $20 Million in Series B Funding for Agricultural Insurance in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Pula Client In Kenya Participating In Harvest Measurement Process With Pula Agent
Pula, an insurtech based in Kenya, has since 2015 been keen on enhancing the access to agricultural insurance by small-holder farmers across emerging markets, shielding them against losses from pests, diseases and/or extreme weather events like floods and droughts. “Partnering with this group of like-minded investors to boost the growth of Pula globally is a very exciting milestone in driving our triple 100 vision, through which we intend to bring insurance to 100 million smallholder farmers. Pula embeds insurance in partners’ productsInstead of selling insurance directly to farmers, Pula has built a distribution channel of over 100 partners, including charitable organizations, banks, governments and agricultural input companies, to serve even the hard-to-reach farmers, by embedding insurance, for instance, in farm input costs or credit. Each product Pula offers is customized to suit the demands of its clients, and the needs of the beneficiary farmers. Pula, through insurance partners, has been offering rural families in Nigeria comprehensive coverage against banditry, disease and death of animals.

Cutting-Edge Farm Technology: Revolutionary Modular Robotics Designed for Diverse Agricultural Tasks

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Farm work is tough on the body and requires long hours in sometimes extreme environments. It can also be difficult to hire and retain staff in a category that frequently relies on migrant workers. We’ve seen a number of startups attempt to automate field work over the past decade. The company’s first system, Amiga, is modular, allowing it to be deployed for a broad range of tasks. In this study we saw the number of weekly labor hours reduced by 50% – 80%.