Butler App introduces new features: Shared Albums, HD Photos, and Increased File Sharing

Messenger Shared Albums
Meta announced on Tuesday it’s rolling out the ability for Messenger users to create shared albums in chats, send photos in high-definition, and share larger files up to 100MB in size. With these new features, Messenger is targeting people who tend to create shared albums or share HD images via services like Google Drive. Now, users can create albums of photos and videos in group chats, whether it’s to organize photos of a recent spring break or grandma’s 80th birthday celebration. The launch of the new feature follows Meta’s rollout of support for HD photos on WhatsApp back in September 2023. The new features are rolling out on mobile to all Messenger users.

New album by Beyoncé titled “Cowboy Carter” takes a bold stance against the rise of AI music.

Beyonce Ai
Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” has been out for only a few days, yet it’s already obvious that we’ll be talking about it for years to come — it’s breaking records across streaming platforms, and the artist herself calls it “the best music [she’s] ever made.” But in the middle of the press release for “Cowboy Carter,” Beyoncé made an unexpected statement against the growing presence of AI in music. Some of the best-known AI companies, like Open AI and Stability AI, use datasets that include copyrighted artworks without consent. Beyoncé’s stance makes even more sense in the context of “Cowboy Carter” itself. Though it does not explicitly discuss AI, “Cowboy Carter” already addresses the theft and appropriation of artworks without consent. Even the title “Cowboy Carter” nods to the appropriation of Black music for white people’s gain.