From Robotics Consuming Themselves to Revamping Heavy Industry: The Transformation of Found Energy

Gadi Ruschin Found Energy
The aluminum used to make the spacecraft held more than 10 times the energy of any cutting-edge battery. To release the energy embodied in refined aluminum, Godart had to figure out how to get past the metal’s defenses, so to speak. “One of the hardest elements of heavy industry to decarbonize is the heat,” Godart said. Aluminum is slightly heavier than diesel or bunker fuel, but its energy density could be game changing for those industries. One could imagine future ships powered by aluminum dropping their waste powder off at a smelter to be refueled for a return voyage.

Navy to Begin Testing Saildrone’s Inaugural Aluminum Surveyor Autonomous Vessel Splashdown

Saildrone Sd 3000 1
Ocean intelligence company Saildrone has just put the first of a new generation of Surveyor autonomous vessels in the water: an aluminum version that the Navy is keen to take advantage of. Founder and CEO Richard Jenkins told TechCrunch that the demand for vessels like SailDrone’s is only growing. So far, no one has suggested weaponizing the Saildrone vessels, though. The Austal line is expected to be able to put out one Surveyor every six weeks to start with. SD-3000 and a few of its in-progress aluminum kin will be detailed to Navy testing of its capability of producing “surface and undersea intelligence for a range of high-priority applications, including anti-submarine warfare.”