“Alleged Hacking Incident Leaves AnyCubic 3D Printer Owners Vulnerable to Security Breach, According to Reports by Users”

Anycubic Hacked Machine
Anycubic users say their 3D printers were hacked to warn of a security flawAnycubic customers are reporting that their 3D printers have been hacked and now display a message warning of an alleged security flaw in the company’s systems. Feel free to disconnect your printer from the internet if you don’t wanna get hacked by a bad actor! You have not been harmed in any way.”The text file described an unspecified vulnerability in Anycubic’s MQTT service, which allegedly allows the ability to “connect and control” customer 3D printers that are connected to the internet. The person who authored the text file claimed they sent the message to 2.9 million Anycubic 3D printers. “Disconnect your printer from the internet until anycubic patches this issue,” the text file reads.