Solving AI Hallucinations: Jensen Huang of Nvidia Predicts Artificial General Intelligence Within 5 Years

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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) — often referred to as “strong AI,” “full AI,” “human-level AI” or “general intelligent action” — represents a significant future leap in the field of artificial intelligence. Huang, however, spent some time telling the press what he does think about the topic. He suggests that the tests could be a legal bar exam, logic tests, economic tests or perhaps the ability to pass a pre-med exam. AI hallucination is solvableIn Tuesday’s Q&A session, Huang was asked what to do about AI hallucinations – the tendency for some AIs to make up answers that sound plausible, but aren’t based in fact. He appeared visibly frustrated by the question, and suggested that hallucinations are solvable easily – by making sure that answers well-researched.