Twitch Tightens Rules on Exposed Skin, Reverses “Artistic Nudity” Guidelines

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Days after freeing the (fictionalized) nipple, Twitch is backtracking on its “artistic nudity” policy that allowed streamers to show illustrated, animated or sculpted renderings of breasts, butts and genitals. The announcement comes days after Twitch announced sweeping updates to its sexual content policy, which streamlined the platform’s community guidelines and allowed nudity in certain contexts, such as art streams. Moderating “artistic nudity” or “non-sexual nudity” is trickier because the line between nudity and sexual content tends to be subjective. The sites with the clearest guidelines either allow nudity and sexual content altogether, or don’t. Conditional nudity policies that attempt to separate “good nudity,” like in art, from “bad nudity,” or sexual content, aren’t as progressive as they’re made out to be.