Viral Craze: Spotify’s Astrology-Inspired Daylists, But Did You Know Its Genre Genius was Recently Fired?

Spotify Daylist
That’s up to your Spotify Daylist, an algorithmically-generated playlist inspired by your listening habits, which changes several times per day. With the sudden uptick in posts about Spotify’s Daylists, you’d think that the feature only just came out, but it actually launched in September. The Instagram template positions Daylists as a new, more specific form of astrology, which is apt, because astrology and Daylists have the same appeal. Spotify’s hyper-personalized, algorithmic features — from Spotify Wrapped to Daylists — are capitalizing on this same impulse. And yet, time and time again, Spotify’s corporate leadership proves that it’s not in it for the love of music, nor podcasts.