Enhancing Biogas Production from Wastewater Sludge: Wase Utilizes Microbes to Boost Efficiency

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Fudge’s company, Wase, is offering them an alternative: treat the water on site, and get some free energy to boot. The UK-based startup says its system is significantly smaller and can squeeze about 30% more methane from the sludge. “They’re in the soil in the ground, they’re in wastewater sludge, they’re in anaerobic digestion systems, but they don’t have the environment where they can really thrive.”Basically, Wase built a contraption to make these bacteria happy. Each colony contains a diversity of species and strains, and they evolve over time as they grow accustomed to the particular sludge they’re processing. Wase is developing a control system that will maintain wastewater flow through the system to keep the bacteria at their best.