Hyundai’s Bold Bet on Hydrogen

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When was the last time you watched an automotive company wax poetic about diesel engine controllers for Class 8 trucks? It’s true that Hyundai has invested in hydrogen fuel cells for decades, but it has also been one of the more successful legacy automakers at navigating the electric transition. It’s odd that a company with so much momentum on its side would throw a hydrogen Hail Mary. But maybe Hyundai’s EV rollout isn’t going as planned. Enter hydrogen, a sector with a green aura about it, a useful distraction from more polluting realities.

Additional funding sources now available to fledgling fintech startups

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New fundsWe started the year with news of a couple new venture funds that will be writing checks into fintech startups. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ruth at TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 and was impressed with her knowledge and insights around venture capital. Back in October, I reported on this after speaking with Synapse, which operates a platform enabling banks and fintech companies to easily develop financial services, and Evolve. — Mary AnnMeanwhile, Mary Ann looked back at the biggest fintech hits and misses of 2023. Among the fintech companies were Braid, Daylight and ZestMoney.

Previewing 2024: Anticipating a Decrease in Venture Capitalists by Equity Experts

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Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. And that means it’s time to brush the dust off of an Equity tradition that stretches back many years: Our predictions episode! As we try to every year, we brought in a number of voices to ensure that we covered enough ground. This time around, we have Alex Wilhelm, Mary Ann Azevedo, Kirsten Korosec and Becca Szkutak — the people you heard the most on the podcast this year! We had other themes mixed in as well, so find your headphones and get ready for some Hot Takes, yeah?