The Future of Gaming: A Startup’s Bold Belief in Embracing the Bane Look

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We previewed Skyted’s voice-capturing mask last week, but when I came across the startup at CES 2024, I had to check it out for myself in person. You can read all about the tech in our previous article, but what is it actually like in person? “We launched a mobile application that will give you information about how big your ‘sound bubble’ is. The team has some ideas:“We’re looking at various customer segments; mostly businesses, open spaces, like offices where this would be a huge. We also looking at B2C, for use cases such as gaming,” explains Daridon.

Introducing a Revolutionary ‘Voice Frequency Absorber’: The Must-See Product at CES 2024!

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CES has always been the place for weird, out-there gadgets to make their debuts, and this year’s show is no exception. Skyted, a Toulouse, France-based startup founded by former Airbus VP Stéphane Hersen and acoustical engineer Frank Simon, is bringing what look like a pair of human muzzles to CES 2024. The app also calculates the wearer’s “voice level” and shows insights into their “perceptibility” and “intelligibility,” sort of like a Fitbit for speech. The masks muffle 80% of a wearer’s voice, Skyted claims, while enhancing the volume in voice and video calls by isolating outside noise. On its website, Skyted advertises… unusual in-app features like a “voice awareness” mode that lets parents quiet their noisy mask-donning kids while they’re playing video games.