Palworld’s ‘Pokémon with Guns’ Attracts Massive Following of Enthusiastic Gamers, Despite Copyright Concerns

Palworld Shots 2
The simple fact is that Palworld is what Pokémon fans have been asking for for years, or at least close enough to count. The concept of the game is easily grasped: you’re exploring a mysterious island populated by Pals, which are plainly dollar-store Pokémon. None of the parts are as good as the games they’re pilfered from, but they don’t fall apart in practice — as games with far greater budgets and aspirations frequently do. Given the its presence on Playstation and Xbox Game Pass platforms, you can expect the real number of simultaneous Palworld players is considerably higher. As Palworld’s popularity soars and the debate over the game’s inspirations intensifies, players are about to be able to take the Pokémon parallels to the next level.