Assist NASA in Retrieving Martian Rocks: A Call to Action

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NASA’s decision to scrap its $11 billion, 15-year mission to Mars to bring back samples could create a startup feeding frenzy, TechCrunch reports. Describing its plans as too slow, and too expensive, NASA is going back to the drawing board, with an eye on getting the space industry to help. But space startups are not worried about it. So, the NASA money might have a bunch of startup-sized buckets to drip into, and I am here for it. To that end, if any startup that works with NASA on the Mars rock mission needs a human to send up there to check on the dials and such, I’m your guy.

Andreessen Horowitz’s Fresh $7.2B Investment for the Future

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What is worth $11 billion and wants to go to Mars to collect rocks? NASA’s mission to Mars to collect rocks that was expected to cost $11 billion and take ages. So, the U.S. space agency is throwing the doors open to get more input, and that means that startups are looking at an opportunity that is truly out of this world. To close, the massive, gobsmackingly big $7.2 billion worth of new funds from a16z. For the full interview transcript, for those who prefer reading over listening, read on, or check out our full archive of episodes over at Simplecast.